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I Hate Diaper Bags: Moving "Mom Fashion" Forward

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I hate diaper bags. I have found two things to be true about almost every diaper bag on the market: they're almost always designed more with the baby's style in mind than the mom's, and they're usually a single, deep pocket that acts like a black hole of baby items.

For a while, I thought I was the only one who had trouble finding things in my diaper bag. I'm not the "organized mom" I dreamed I would be. Maybe this horrible, cartoon character-covered sack dangling awkwardly from my shoulder is over-packed and cluttered because I suck at this? But no. The more moms I talk to, the more I've realized: it's the bags. With that in mind, I knew I had to begin taking steps toward reclaiming my sanity and my sense of style.
Step 1: Ditch the ugly diaper bag.

After I had my first baby, I was living on new mommy cloud nine, where the thought of apparel and accessories adorned with pink bows and teddy bears was exciting. I loved every bit of evidence that I was a mommy.
Now that I have two kids, I'm sick and tired of looking like Disney Jr. threw up on me. I enjoy looking like a grown up, like a woman with style and excellent taste who also happens to make adorable human beings. While I adore the pockets and matching changing pads, I still don't understand why it's so hard to design an attractive diaper bag that doesn't make it impossible to search with one hand and hold a baby with a blowout in the other.
Step 2: Foolishly attempt leaving the house without all necessary items.

Since my children are young (three and four years old) we can't completely ditch the bag. Believe me, I tried. My car became a mobile diaper bag; my purses became portable laundry baskets and trash bins. The situation had moved from bad to worse. I learned that diaper bags are a necessary evil when you have little ones. Where else are you going to store diapers, bottles, outfits, toys, wipes, and snacks, not to mention all the things you need, like your wallet and cell phone?

Step 3: Begin frantic search for diaper bag replacement.
I was almost ready to go back to using the uncomfortable, ugly diaper bag, when I stumbled on the Alles Bags convertible backpack/handbag in my Facebook feed and immediately fell in love. And not only with the bags, but also with the story of the mother-daughter team who design them.
The gorgeous Alles Bags are perfect for moms who want to take back their style. The convertible handbag/backpacks were designed by mother-daughter team Antje and Steffie Price, models who realized the need for a bag that was both stylish & functional while going on designer go-sees. Steffie was required to bring multiple pairs of shoes, accessories, makeup, and clothing changes to each go-see, so they designed their bags to have a separate compartment for carrying shoes. While they were not intended to be diaper bags, the second I saw this bag I thought if it can carry shoes, it can carry diapers.

A few fun facts about Alles Bags:
--Alles (pronounced AH-liss) is German for everything. And they do mean everything!
--They only use factories with ethical and fair working conditions; no sweatshops or child labor!
--The bags are affordable. (It seems the second you add the word baby or wedding to anything, it doubles in price. Not so for Alles Bags!)

I ordered the Bianca convertible backpack. It has a HUGE main pocket like many of the bags I disliked in the past but the body of the bag is sturdy and box shaped so all my stuff doesn't sink into a pile at that bottom. The Bianca bag also has a zip top that opens all the way so you have full visibility of the entire bag. The detachable compartment is sturdy and box like as well, and zips completely off when you don't need it, leaving you with a stylish handbag. Check out everything I was able to fit inside.



I was so excited about this bag that I contacted the Alles team and asked them if I could share my story. They said yes, and even offered a discount code!
So do yourself a favor: go browse their collection of stunning bags and enjoy a generous 20% discount with our Real Mommy Confessions discount code (RMC20).

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