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I gained more than weight over the holidays

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I gained 13 lbs over the Christmas break.

In fourteen days, I went from weighing 142 lbs to 155 lbs.

That's a big gain on my 5' 4'' frame in two weeks.

Noticeable to you? Perhaps, but probably not.

Recognized by me? No doubt.

Some of it water weight? I suppose.

But I gained more than weight over the holidays, and the more significant gain benefited not only me but my spouse and kids too.

This extended vacation and the self-inflicted, highly encouraged by my family lackadaisical and go-with-the-eating-flow attitude I held on to all break long, opened my eyes to the surprisingly heavy emotional weight of my actual physical weight on my happiness and how unbeneficial and ridiculous that is.

So, no, I'm got going to dwell on the pounds I gained, when instead I can focus on what else I procured during this time like











And those gains are the ones that deserve recognition as they speak to my mental and emotional growth as a typically appearance-centric, self-conscious, approval-seeking woman in my thirties.

I may have arrived home a bit heavier, but I can assure you I feel lighter.

I gained some pounds sure, but I shed the disdain I feel over them.

I didn't lose any weight, but I did rid myself of the idiotic belief that I needed or need to in the first place.

While I'm not saying that you need to go on an eating and drinking frenzy to have fun, I am absolutely maintaining that if you do, you shouldn't feel a damn ounce of guilt over it.

My weight is up.

That's a fact.

But, so are my spirits.

And that's a more important one.

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