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Challenge: Life Changes

I felt like a loser when I lost my job, A Story & Advise by my friend Karl Jones

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When I became a dad, I looked forward to being the best dad I knew how to be. I made sure my house was kid proof, I made sure I had money in the bank, I made sure I had insurance, and everything that was needed to make sure my wife, and kids would be safe and secure. It was the one thing that made me feel good about myself, was being a dad and being able to provide for them. Everything was going great until I got laid off, I felt worthless because the severence they were offering was barely enough for one week of groceries. Worthless because I watched our savings account dwindle. Worthless because my wife had to give up being a stay at home mom to go back to work. Worthless because I couldn't provide for my family any more like I was once able to. I then knew it was time to start my own business based on what I knew how to do. Turn my passion to profits. I started the International Association of Daddypreneurs.

I wrote a few step by step picture books helping dads do the same thing I did to start my own company.

I sat down and thought about my job and I remembered, I use to hate Mondays, fighting traffic and at some point having anxiety because of company changes or having to watch my back cause of time snitches, "OOPS Your two minutes late"! Or just feeling bored or uncomfortable and working hard with so much to do and so little time! Then you look at the fact that you have little time for romance or anything that once made your heart sing or turn you on, cause everything is just motion and not on Purpose.

Fellas Your just existing man, your just there, surviving, trying make a dollar out of $15 cents!! Well I want you to really think about something you know how to do really well! Think about it like a recipe, I want you to write it down, step, by step by step. Stay with me.

Next I want you to Google it, see if there are any websites or other people selling it, check them out, then Google their name and see what comes up.

Next I want you to sit with your recipe weather its cooking or tying shoes a certain way, see how it feels in your body and if that is something that you could literally see yourself doing all the time, something you do in your sleep it's so easy.

Next I want you to name your specific recipe doesn't matter what it is or what you do, name it, give it a snazzy name, like 7 STEPS to changing your oil so that you never need an oil change again, think big and bold!

How is this sounding guys! Next article I am going to show you how to find your target market, put together marketing and start my blueprint on how to quit your job and make 6 figures from home!!

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