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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

I enjoy the holidays, but I’m not good at them

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Let me lay it on you like the truth.

I enjoy the holidays, but I’m not good at them, if that makes sense.

I’m not good at securing the whole fam matching or coordinating outfits so that we can rock them for a Christmas card where we all fake smiles and tuck away our crazy, messy selves for an hour.

I can’t bake worth a lick. And speaking of licks of that delicious batter, I’ll only let you have one ‘cause you didn’t eat all your vegetables and I can be a witch like that.

I forgot to move the elf last night and didn't use an ounce of my early morning energy to formulate and provide a good/believable explanation. I just said “I dunno. I guess he must like that spot.”

Speaking of spots, my favorite spot these days…it’s the couch…post bedtime duties, with me, myself and I…and my wine…and sometimes the hubs.

I keep forgetting about commitments we have and keep committing to commitments that are hard to logistically keep.

I don’t have a dress yet for my husband’s holiday work party and if I keep eating like I’ve been, I won’t fit into a dress ‘cause I’ve been having lots of parties in my tummy if ya know what I mean.

We didn’t go ice skating.

We haven’t watched "It’s A Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street" yet this year.

We have yet to visit with Santa and I’m not sure we even will.

And not because I don’t enjoy the holidays - ‘cause I do, lots - I’m just not good at them.

I’m not organized and I’m not fancy.

I’m not about show, but I am about flow.

And having a holiday that feels ‘natural’ to me and mine, that’s what sounds good this year.

And, honestly, it’s all I have the energy for.

How can a holiday be peaceful if u have to ‘put on’? It can’t.

So don’t.

Don’t break the bank or yourself trying to “do all the holiday things.”

Instead, “do you” this holiday and only the things you want.

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