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I Did Something Too

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During this interesting season of quarantine, many of us have flocked to YouTube or elsewhere to learn something new.

We’ve seen people of all ages doing choreographed dance numbers on a platform called TikTok.

We’ve seen new bakers making cakes from scratch and the extra ambitious ones, creating Frozen-inspired masterpieces using fondant.

We’ve seen people making their own coronavirus necessities - like patterned face masks and personal hand sanitizer.

We’ve seen at-home gel manicures. AT-HOME GEL MANICURES!

We’ve seen jars of goo transform into sourdough bread, perfectly scored and photographed for Instagram.

We’ve seen pet owners train their cats to use the toilet or train their dogs to open the front door.

We’ve seen barbers and hairstylists emerge overnight, bringing confidence to family members at home.

We’ve seen people master yoga poses, learn to play the saxophone, or solve a Rubik’s cube in record-breaking time.

We’ve seen people make their own ice cream, learn to arrange flowers, or start their own podcast.

We’ve seen, we’ve seen, we’ve seen.

However, they say comparison is the thief of joy.

And so, putting aside everything I’ve seen others accomplish over the last few months, I’m here to share that I did something too.

Yes, I did something too.


I fixed the squeaky rocking chair.

Using a bottle of PAM cooking spray.

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