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I can't wait for the world to see you like I do

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When does it start?

When our children are small, we greet each new version of them as they come down the stairs for the day.
It's this acceptance that you don't have to BE anything for anyone today....just cute little you in this cute little body.
We are prepared for many moods in a day.
We are steadied in knowing we can't predict how the day will go. We are ready to meet them in the now...and adjust accordingly.
We don't ask them what they are preparing for tomorrow.

So, when does it happen?

When does that mindfulness of the current moment turn to future based worry and planning?

When is it exactly that we let the system take the present moment from us?
Is it the introduction of the PSAT so early? It puts our minds into future based thinking?

Is it that when they start high school the majority of the teachers begin to treat them we do too?

Is it our own fear and worry based on our own teen accomplishments and failures?

I would just like to know the exact moment it shifts.

Because they feel it. Ohhh do they feel it.

They notice your face doesn't light up as much when they enter the room.

They notice when they are telling you a funny story, you seem to skip right past it to ask about homework.

They feel the worry and the fear about that next step.

They are immersed in adults around them that continuously ask "So, what's the plan going forward" or "what do you want to be?"

What if we have more to offer than that?
What if we, as their parents, could be a safe space from all that?

What if.....we sat firmly in....I can't wait for the world to see you like I do.
And we help them get THERE. Yes, I know we need to help them prepare for what is next.

So what if we focused on their strengths and just helping them bring those strengths to the world in whatever way that looks like to them?

Instead of "what are you going to be" we move to "what is the next best step for you?"

Just....what is next?
There, that feels a little smaller. A little less overwhelming.
A little more focused on Self.

I can't wait for the world to see you like I do meets them in the NOW.
I see you my dear for all that you are. I see your strengths and I see your beauty.
I see that fire.
I see the doubt too. I see all of you and I can't wait for the world to see you too.

That is our let that same bright light come over our face that they enjoyed when they were small.
Unconditional belief that with each new step into the world, our job is simply to help them bring their unique light to a world waiting to be lit up.
To remind them daily that it's there....and to help them share it.
That is it.
There we go....move back to THIS moment.

Today they are here, with you....and you have a choice.
Root them in present moment with all that they are, or keep them chasing the carrot of tomorrow steeped in overwhelm and worry.
Let's choose to be a safe space of acceptance and perfect vision for all they they are today.
I simply can't wait for the world to see them as I do.

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