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I Am A Common Stay At Home Mom and That's Ok

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a66454baf43425beeb99d6018c91320a58b494da.jpgIt is a It it is an ordinary story of a common stay-at-home mom.

I love my life. I love the people who are in my life and make my life amazing. I love all those random memories…that make me smile. I like to celebrate each sweet tiny moment of life. I am most proud of the blessings that god has bestowed upon me, in my life. I just want to be happy by getting an immense pleasure in the small joys that a simple life brings.

On every morning, I love to wake up my family. I love to see cute faces of my lovely dolls. Their giggles and laughter filled my house with a positive energy instantly. I absolutely enjoy cook healthy food for them. Morning Prayer, spend some quality time while breakfast…each moment is precious. And then weaving a morning bye to my husband and elder daughter as they leave for their respective work gives me an utter satisfaction. And after that I get a bit of relaxation for few minutes.

And then it is the time of mid-morning. This year, my mid-morning is so special. This is the last year of pre-school for my little doll. Since next year, she will be a big and busy girl. She will be joining the bigger brigade. So I want to spend more and more quality time with her. She reminds me to live in the moment. I find a great joy in the simple pleasure of life with her…reading a book, drawing or crafting, riding a bike with her…each moment is beautiful and precious. And within few hours, it is the time to put her in the school bus. After dropping her for school. I moved towards “Me time”.

“Me time” is one of the most favourite time of the day for me. And like all other moms, I also loved it. I believe that taking time to re-new and re-charge is a great investment that pays really good return. It is step of self-preservation for me. And during this “Me time”, I love to write my blog, make a chat with my mom, enjoy a silent nature walk, sip a warm cup of my favourite green tea…or just watching a famous T.V. series, each moment is refreshing and rejuvenating. But after a brief period of relaxation, remaining household chores make me conscious (and anxious) too. And I get involved with my responsibilities seriously. And after completing all routine household chores (cleaning, dish-washing, laundry) this mamma get completely exhausted. But the day is not over yet.

It is “4 o’clock- a time when my little dolls (and this time I would prefer to say them “Little devil”) come back from the school. This is the time, when I cannot stop them either. They climb on our bed, on couch, they run, jump, dance, play, messed up the clean house. They are in mood of “We do not want to listen anything”. Even if I tried to pour my blood, sweat and tears in to making them behave, they wouldn’t listen. And as a result this tired, exhausted mamma also becomes mad. Sometimes I shout loudly, sometimes I cried. And even sometimes I just want to run away from these endless responsibilities.

So, it is true that “The clock stuck on 4 and I become mad”

Somehow I finished their evening snacks, and just want to do nothing. I want to take a rest by reading my favourite book or by enjoying the super delicious meal cooked by someone else. But within few minutes, I reaslised that “I have to make a dinner?” Everybody will get hungry within few hours. I have to feed them properly for good night sleep. And this tired mamma, again go back to her mission. She cooks again a good and healthy food. She tries to makes a choice that surprises everyone. And then feed the whole family with lots of love and care. She asked everyone that “everything is all right”.

As soon as the whole family finish their food with good taste and satisfaction, this exhausted mamma gets an instant joy and happiness. It is the last and most crucial step of the day that gives her an inner peace, an immense pleasure and a good night sleep.

“I know there are so many peoples (even women) may think what is so great about cooking and feeding your family? They may ask why is it unique to brave the kitchen, battle the dirty dishes and deal with same sequence of repetitive tasks every day. They may feel that there are so many other things that are more important than the just “cooking and feeding your family”.

But I think “no one could the job of feeding my family better than me” “nothing else can produce the true joy and satisfaction that taking care of my family allows me” and this is the feeling that only stay at home moms will understand?

Do you get an immense satisfaction after feeding your family properly? Or you think what is so great about cooking and feeding your family? Please share your thoughts!

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