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Husbands, this is what your wife actually wants for Christmas.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am tired of my husband asking me about what I want for Christmas.

If you are on the same page, this post is for you mama.

Listen up husbands, this is what your wife actually wants for Christmas this year.

Let’s start with a little bit of story time before I dive into what your wife wants for Christmas.

I’ll paint you a picture.

You go to work. You come home. Your day is over. You’ve clocked out and want to put your feet up on the couch, maybe eat some dinner, watch some tv and go to bed.

But your wife? There is no clocking out.

Even if she does have an out of the house job, she clocks right out of one of that one, and right into the next one as mom.

You might not realize that she rarely gets a day off.

You might stand there in the kitchen talking to her about your day while she’s loading the dishwasher, or plating up dinner.

Or you walk around her talking about whatever you just saw on Facebook while she’s picking up the toys from around the living room and then walking to the kids bedroom to snag jammies for the night.

Then after the kids are in bed, you might sit down and stare at your phone, scrolling through Reddit.

Maybe you notice that she isn’t sitting down next to you.

She’s in the kitchen cleaning up dinner, or pulling out clothes for the next day, prepping coffee; she’s doing something.

You might not notice these things. Or maybe you do.

Maybe you do pitch in and tidy up the living room before zoning out for the rest of the night.

Thank you for doing that.

Then maybe you ask her for the tenth time “Babe. What do you want for Christmas?”

She might say “oh, nothing” or quite literally say nothing.

Or maybe she puts together a list of a few things just to get you off her back.

But you know what your wife actually wants for Christmas?

What she really, really wants, but never ask’s for? What she would just fall over and die over?

Not an Apple Watch like I’ve told my husband. Not the new Joanna Gaines book. What your wife actually wants for Christmas won’t even cost you a dime.

What does she want?

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The house to herself.

The dishes ALL the way done.

Yes, those on the stove are dirty. I know you don’t see them sometimes because they aren’t in the sink but.. they’re there.

You to take over bath time without a sigh.

Yes, I do hear the sigh every time I ask.

To clean up the sink after you shave, which always happens right after we clean the bathroom if you’ve never noticed.

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For you to see the laundry on the bed and instead of pushing it aside or god forbid, putting it on the floor, just fold the shit up real quick and put it away.

You wife would also love for you to offer to take the kids someplace by yourself.

Or even together. But YOU get them ready to leave. That means diaper bag, fresh clothes, shoes, jackets. the works.


She is climbed on, cried at, puked on, crapped on all day long. Or all night long if your wife isn’t a SAHM. Give her some space. Odds are, the last thing she wants after all that is you to be poking her butt asking for sex.

Instead, she would like to sit down and not worry about prepping for the next day. She would like to know that she can count on the nightly to-do list to be taken care of if she isn’t the one doing it.

Honestly, she just wants some help.

Help without asking, nagging, or any of the sort.

For Christmas this year, blow your wife’s mind and give her the gift of a day off. One where she doesn’t have to come back to a kitchen disaster, or a house that takes an entire day to clean up.

Odd’s are, she more than deserves it.

And that is what your wife actually wants for Christmas this year.

Mamas, who’s with me?

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