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Top 10 Things New Moms Miss

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Being a mom is the most heart filled experience I truly believe any woman could ever have. It's one of those few things in life that mold your whole being... changes you at your core... and helps you see the whole world in a different perspective. I was such a different person before I became a mom, and I wouldn't go back to that place in my life for anything in the world. Even though I am more tired, my boobs sag, and my clothes usually consist of baby diarrhea stains... it is MY PERFECT WORLD. With motherhood comes many changes, and we embrace these changes as they hit us across the face full force.

First... we all know we would get rid of an arm for our kids.. but that doesn't mean we won't miss that arm right? Here are some things new moms may miss....

BOTH arms..... Seriously... How moms aren't walking around with sculpted arms is beyond me. My arms ache during the day, but for some reason there is no show for it. Where is the muscle people? Why do they ache? Because I am carrying a 25-35 pound weight about 75% of the day. I've held my baby while multitasking in 100 different ways...running down aisles of Target, cooking supper, brushing my teeth.... practically anything imaginable.

Private Pee Breaks... wait what? People actually can sit on a toilet in privacy? Well when you have young children you might as well get over the fact that someone else will hear and smell everything that decides to escape your body. I remember when my daughter was a baby.... I would have to sit on the toilet and hold her while my one year old was crying at my heels. Talk about a fast pee break.

Warm meals... I am such a food lover! Mashed potatoes... fried chicken.... mac and cheese.. I love it all. . When I had kids, I had to get over the fact that some meals will just be half frozen, nonexistent, or 75% shared. When you are a mom, we worry about our kids first.... cooking their meals is what's important. So when I have the chance to eat, it's been sitting out for at least 30 minutes before it even gets touched. And when I do touch it... my sweet babies face lights up because the meal that before looked disgusting all of a sudden looks scrumptious.

Sanitized Bodies... okay so.... some moms somehow manage to take showers and look like super models every morning while us other moms roll our eyes at them. I know... I know... it is possible to probably get dressed and actually clean, but I always seem to pick some other chore to complete in my day. Yes I realize that I totally need to get my priorities straight. My baseball cap is probably my most prized possession these days. Who knows what's under that cap? It could be beautiful clean hair... or nappy hair? The secret lies with me.

Radio in the car... I am such a music person... christian, country, 90's, 80's, I'll take it all! I honestly can tell you I cannot remember the last time I actually jammed out in my car. Windows down, wind blowing my hair, sunshades on, dancing my face off as I listen to Eagles rock out. Now it is Elmo sing-a-longs, and the beautiful melody of crying babies.

SLEEP...There is NOT a mom out there that can say "I am really digging the no sleep thing". New moms are sleep deprived... walking around all wide eyed because we have overdosed on coffee and energy drinks. Are our kids totally worth getting up throughout the night? Of course! But the black circles under our eyes are not exactly the new trend, but I am all in if anyone wants to jump on board and try to make it happen!

Phone conversations... people actually have real conversations? First of all, I don't think I have had a conversation on my phone without one of my kids screaming or having a complete meltdown... it's like they know. Some kind of trigger tells them to be the loudest they could possibly be when mom is on the phone. One sentence takes 2 hours to complete.

Patience... hahaha! If you are a mom you know why I am laughing. I am trying to figure out if I should even say anything at all.... let's just say I understand now what my mom meant when she would say "I am running out of patience". I never got it until my kids were born. Patience is real... it takes kids to show you how much you actually have.

Poop...the other day I was literally driving down the road and kept smelling my daughter's diaper... she had just had the hugest diarrhea explosion I have even seen in my life... (how does so much come out of such a tiny little body???).... as I look down at my hand..... insert horror music here..... steamy liquid poop somehow got on my hands without me even knowing it... melting my skin like acid. I had to clean it mom-style which is sanitizer and wiping it with my shirt. I swear my hands are permanently stained in poop residue. So yes... I miss hands that were actually clean and smelled somewhat decent.

Movie Night... my husband and I used to literally lay in bed half the day in the summer (we were both teachers) and watch movies. We completed seasons and seasons of t.v. shows in a weeks time. Now.... my favorite t.v. show is Little Einstein's (which by the way has taught me a lot.... no seriously... I never felt more ignorant). My husband, since he is the observant one, can recite entire episodes of our children's favorite shows.

Being a mom is hard work... the line I have always heard is "being a mom is the most rewarding and hardest job you will ever have!" Well... to the owner of that quote.... standing ovation. Even though I may miss my pee breaks or even warm meals.... I would NOT change it for the world! My kids are worth every missed minute of sleep.... every stain on my shirt...every single stretch mark on my hanging belly. It is hard at times... but it's my life as a mother... and to me's the dream life. And I'll miss it all one day.


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