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How You Can Make Some Extra Money Without Sacrificing Family Time

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There are two common dilemmas that many families face nowadays.

Kids are expensive and it’s hard to spend as much time with them as you feel is necessary.

This can cause issues for parents who want to make some extra money to support their children without sacrificing time with them. Though it may sound impossible to do this, it really isn’t!

This article will explore some ways you can make some extra money to support your family without sacrificing your time with them.

1) Work Extra at Night

If you are really driven to make some extra money, you can work late at night (or early in the morning…if you dare) when your children are asleep.

There are more typical ways to make money that you could do, such as picking up a part-time job or driving for Uber or Lyft, but often these will end up taking up too much time and will likely cut into your time with your children.

Instead, consider work you can do without even leaving the comfort of your home. These could include taking surveys for money or doing freelance work – such as writing, editing, photography, graphic design, etc.

2) Start a Blog

If you have ever explored some of the thousands of blogs on the internet, you are likely to have come across a personal finance blog or a mommy/parenting blog.

These bloggers usually don’t just do it for fun – they do it to make money!

You can create a blog (like I did at my site Paper Stackers) that talks about your family’s finances or one that talks about the things you do and the challenges you face.

If you are able to generate a following, you can actually make some decent money through affiliate partnerships (such as Amazon) and through selling advertisements.

Best of all, since you will be talking about your family, you can include them in the fun.

3) Look for Jobs with More Flexibility

Another tactic is too simply try to find a job that allows for more free time with your family or for one that pays higher without having to take on more hours.

Either way, you will either be increasing the amount of time you can spend with your family, the amount of money you make, or – ideally – both!

Try applying to jobs that are in the same field you are currently working in but a step up. So, for example, say you are a financial analyst. Maybe try applying for a managerial role in the same sector.


Being a parent is undoubtedly stressful, expensive, and time consuming. That doesn’t mean you can’t support your family to the extent you want to and spend as much time with them as you deem fit. Get creative, explore your options, and try to get motivated to achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

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