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How To Use A Recumbent Bicycle Properly?

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A recumbent bicycle, even the best recumbent bike can only give you the most benefits when being used properly. My honest article today will reveal you some great ideas to use your bike correctly. It is helpful to almost every bike riders, especially those who are new to this method of exercising. Keep reading!


1. Do Not Forget Dynamic Stretches

As you ride your bike, you make a wide range of muscle and lower body parts work. So if you do not make careful preparation before riding the bike, you will be likely to hurt your body parts involved in the process. So how to prepare? Yeah, simply spend several minutes, 5 is ideal, doing motion dynamic stretches. Some helpful dynamic stretches you can try are knee highs, leg swings, side bends, walking lunges…. During your process of stretching, pay attention to moving smoothly and then slightly increasing your motion range in the next repetition.

2. Make Seat Adjustment If Necessary

Before starting pedaling the bike, make sure that every part in the bike is already steadily set up. To do this, make some trial when you start sitting on the bike by placing your feet on the pedals and making some spinning on the cranks. Focus on your knees’ extension during the process. They should be slightly bent as you put your leg on the crank’s back side. If not, slightly push your seat forward or backward until it is in proper position and posture.

3. Spend Some Minutes Warming Up Lightly

As you sit on your bike, you should still spend some minutes warming up. This is time for you to increasingly raise your pace. This action is to gradually upsurge your body temperature and additionally relax your muscles as well as your related tissue.

4. Pay Attention To Your Exercise Duration

To gain the most result possible with your recumbent bike, you need to maintain your workout in long enough time and often enough frequency. It is stated that the proper cycling duration for health benefits is 30 minutes of cardio and for weight loss is between 60 and 90 minutes of cardio, which is done constantly 5 times a week. So losing weight requires much higher amount than gaining health benefits.

5. Adjust Resistance If Necessary

Remember to increase your pedaling speed as you ride your recumbent bike. You are also given choice of raising the resistance. Make use of this as you get used to using the bike. Why is it necessary? As the resistance is increased, it is harder for you to control the pedals, which makes your leg muscles work challengingly and finally stronger and more muscular. This means that you are progressing.

6. Make Use Of Alter Training

Alternative training simple means alter intense activity with lighter one. This incorporating will help to boost your caloric outflow and make your workouts exciting. Alternatively, you can choose to up and down your speed up or adjust the resistance, or even make use of them both.

7. Make Sure That You Are In Proper Posters

Proper posters are essential to gain result while riding a recumbent bike. You can totally put your hands in front of you, but do not let it lean forward too much. Let your back in straight posture tightly. Make your leg push hard while pedaling or grasping the side handles as well. If you repeatedly lean forward, you are making muscle imbalances.
Final Words

These are simple but important tips to gain result with riding a recumbent bicycle. Have you ever applied it while riding your recumbent? If no, apply them right now to gain your expected result with your bike.

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