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How to Throw an Epic Baby Shower

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A new member of your family is on their way, and you’re counting down the days until you see that baby’s sweet face. Celebrating being a mom-to-be means it’s time to throw an epic baby shower.

It’s time to celebrate the life knocking on your door, or rather, playing extreme soccer in your gut. Be surrounded by your loved ones, put those swollen ankles up and get yourself looked after, mama. Relax those worried thoughts about getting everything ready, and get preoccupied with baby shower company. Release the emotional roller coaster, hug your auntie and open those gifts. Here are a few tips for throwing a stress-free and epic baby shower.

Convenience Matters When Setting a Date

At the center of baby showers is shared happiness and the receipt of good gifts and unsolicited advice about parenting — come on, every part has at least one of those busybody, know-it-all mommies. Heck, it’s probably yours. Still, you’re coming together to celebrate bringing a new life into this world, and close friends and family gather to celebrate the special occasion.

Traditionally, parents-to-be or close relatives don’t organize the shower since it gives the impression of being a gift-collecting party, but that’s basically what it is, anyway — aside from the taproot of happiness, of course. No matter who hosts, pick a date convenient to you and those you love.

Themes Make for Cheesy Fun

More cheese, please! No matter how classy you picture your baby shower as, a little cheese never hurts, and it makes for fun memories to look back on. The right theme ensures everyone enjoys the celebration. Invite guests to help decorate and share their experience. Don’t hold back on the imagination! Go exotic, shiny and bright! Bring out the unicorns and Skittles!

It’s especially touching and challenging when welcoming a rainbow baby into the world. Make your shower extra special with all the cheese, please.

Food Brings Everyone Together

Don’t snack on saltines and sip sweet tea for the entire party. Remember, food is essential to every gathering, and since smell is the strongest sense and linked to memory, go big or go home. Get the party catered, or create a big baby shower potluck — it’s totally okay to have a no-no list for dishes or ingredients that make you gag.

What about drinks? Create a mama-to-be mocktail, and decorate bottles of water in the theme of the shower. Make spicy lime zinger, raspberry sherbet party punch or lavender lemonade. The flavor and fanciness will get you buzzing, even without the alcohol.

What’s a Baby Shower Without Games?

Don’t forget the games! A baby shower is incomplete without them! So many games abound on the internet — how do you decide which ones to play?

You can do a diaper changing race on baby dolls. Asks guests to place notebooks on their forehead and draw what they think the baby will look like — mom picks the winner. Those mocktails are really kicking in, huh?!

Got a sweet tooth? Use a candy-themed baby shower to celebrate your kid being one of the sweetest of the four million babies born annually, such as Sugar and Spice or a circus theme. Send out invitations in the shape of a lollipop or looking like a specialized candy bar. Use tissue paper in cotton candy and other pastel or bright colors to emphasize the theme. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Write Messages to Your Baby

You probably already talk to your baby through your tummy. Why not send a telegram or 10? Gather everyone and collect their well-wishes for what's to come. Do they have memories they think you’ll pass on or share? Make a scrapbook of all the messages, or save them for reading when you bring baby home for the first time. It gives everyone an opportunity to share their blessings and express their heartfelt messages for the baby.

Celebrating bringing a new life into this world means surrounding yourself with friends, family, food, games and cheer, but it can also be a stressful event to plan or be the center of attention during. Any anxious feelings will soon change with a mocktail or two, the best food and getting to laugh with (and at) your loved ones playing games.

You don’t need much to get started. Pick a convenient date with a fun theme — such as Sugar and Spice or a jungle animals theme — and don’t forget the cheese! Literally, bring all the cheese to the party. You can never have enough food.

Play fun games to welcome the little one, and have candids to blackmail loved ones with later on. Close out the event by writing messages to and for your sweet baby. The ingredients for throwing an epic baby shower are that simple, and it'll reflect the fact that your love knows no bounds for your tiny budding human.

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