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How to Save Money While Getting Insurance Policy for Your Minicab?

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Can you think of a person who does not want to save money? Most of the people who don’t miss an effort to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of a tube or standing in line at some grocery store to get some discount offer, we all have done to put some efforts in order to save money. We will let you know to save money for the thing you have never expected to save, in case of renewing your insurance policy for your minicab.

Compare Minicab Insurance Policies

It takes time to compare the insurance policies from different companies and even within the same company, but it pays you more of your time. Most of the people don’t go for comparing the insurance policies as they don’t want to put effort and don’t consider it much. However, to go for renewing your Minicab Insurance policy, you may go online to compare various policies and look at the features what to add and what not. This is such an easy process, and anyone can do it with the access of internet sitting at your home in a relaxed state. Spending some time on comparing policies will prove helpful to save money to choose a policy that is as per your needs and fulfil your set of requirements.

Check the Features

Carefully read out the features of the policy before you renew it. There would be some features of the policy you no longer require and there would be some features you want to add in your policy. For instance, you would be paying an extra premium for personal accident cover of 5 lacs. If you already have personal accident cover involved in your policy, you can get this clause of the policy removed and this way you would have to pay less for the policy. Similarly, if you are being provided with the roadside assistance by the vehicle manufacturer, you need not add this to your policy as it is already being provided to you. You are required to eliminate the roadside assistance cover to lower your policy.

Don’t Let the Policy Expire

Before you choose to renew your Minicab Insurance policy, it is not right to wait for the existing policy to expire. It is always suggested to renew your policy at least a month before for your existing policy to expire. For instance, if prices rise high in that period, your prices would be locked in and you won’t have to pay for the amount that has been extended but the price you have purchased the policy on the purchasing due date.

No Claim Bonus

If you make no claims in the previous year, you would be awarded a prize named no claim bonus. This amount of bonus increases with the increasing number of years when you make no claim. You are required to mention it to your insurer if you are eligible for no claim bonus. The amount you get as no claim bonus will be deducted from your overall quote and you would have to pay a lesser premium. if you make no claims for up to 5 years, you can get a discount of up to 75%.

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