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How to Protect Your Kid's Future If They've Been Hit by a Car

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Kids like to ride their bikes, play outside and live in a carefree world. But when kids are involved in pedestrian accidents, it's a scary time for mom, dad and the child. What most parents don't realize is that getting hit by a car is the third most common reason for death in kids aged 5 to 9.

Kids up to 15 are at a much higher risk of getting hit by a car than adults.

And when a child is severely injured but has cheated death, parents need to realize that their kids' lives may have changed forever. Broken limbs, spinal cord injuries, head injuries and even amputation are possible.

Parents need to act fast during these difficult times to ensure that their kid's future is protected.

Talk to a Lawyer Immediately

It goes without saying that you need to talk to a compensation lawyer immediately. Car insurance companies will try to twist your words, shift blame on to your child or may try to settle quickly.

Remember that your child's life is forever changed.

Lawyers will stop the driver's lawyers from being able to call you and haggle for a low-priced settlement.

If there's one thing you do, talk to a lawyer to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Fight for Your Child's Care

A good friend of mine was in a severe accident when he was 13, and since his family didn't have insurance or money, his mother had to find other ways to pay for his healthcare. Charity care may be an option to explore.

Special state programs may be offered, too.

My friend's mother researched and talked to the financial department at the hospital to find out that a special state program was available. The program enabled him to stay in therapy, pay for his medical bills and enter life without crippling debt.

If the hospital tries to send your child home without therapy that you know he needs, discuss your options with your child's doctors. Oftentimes, there are other care facilities that may be closer that your child can go to for therapy and treatment.

Settlements Put Into a Trust

It's an unfortunate reality, but there's a chance that you may pass before your child is eighteen. When this happens, the settlement may be in the control of someone that will use the money for non-related costs and items.

Money as a way of corrupting people.

A trust that's setup to ensure that your child is able to only access that money for their healthcare and well-being is a good start.

Settlement protection trusts will protect your child's settlement from being squandered. Trusts can also be drafted in such a way that the injured child may still receive Social Security payments and Medicaid.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Any injuries or misconduct in the hospital should result in a lawsuit. Apply for Social Security benefits for your child. Survivors benefits may be given to the child or other payments to help pay for medical and living costs.

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