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How to Prepare Your Office Furniture for a Big Move

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Moving office furniture might seem like a simple and straightforward task, but all manner of problems can spring up if you aren’t properly prepared. While a good mover Regina can help you immensely with making sure that you have all the basics in place before the move, you can make the process go even more smoothly with some careful preparation of your own. As you begin your move, consider the following tips.

Empty Files and Drawers

One of the biggest nightmares for anybody moving large pieces of office furniture is trying to move something that has a full set of drawers. This can be a nightmare for a number of different reasons. First, a full set of drawers adds an immense amount of weight to a desk or filing cabinet, even if the drawers are only filled with paper. Additionally, such a lack of preparation increases the risk of catastrophe. Most commonly, this can involve an injury to the mover or damage to the furniture. It can also increase the risk of drops and damage to other objects. Before you set something aside for moving, make sure to empty out all drawers and store the contents securely in a separate box.

Disassemble Everything

Most office furniture comes in a variety of large pieces that get bolted together upon installation. When you prepare for your move, you need to unbolt that furniture so the sections can get moved individually. This ensures that the movers have an easier time getting items in and out of the spaces. Furniture also becomes less likely to get damaged if it is disassembled before a major move. If you don’t have the tools or are unsure of how to properly disassemble your office furniture, there is good news – movers company in Regina can take the furniture apart for you if need be.

Use Extra Storage if Necessary

Not everything you want will fit into your new office all the time. Sometimes, due to downsizing in space, a desire to cut down on clutter, or just a reduction in the necessary equipment, you will have some items that won’t make the office move. You can send these boxes and pieces of furniture to a surplus outlet, but you can also keep them in storage for later on if you need them. If you invest in an off-site storage space, you can have replacement furniture and equipment ready at a moment’s notice should you need it. Even better, the same movers who help relocate your office can also make sure that your surplus items find their way to the storage space destination.

The moving process requires a lot of preparation and the ability to juggle a number of different logistical concerns. Even if you feel like you’re on your own, you still have placed you can turn to for help. Vic’s The Moving Man is one of the best options for Regina area residents and businesses to get items where you need them to go quickly and effectively.

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