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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

How To Keep Calm During The Holidays

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The holiday season is one of those times as a parent where we both love it, and dread it. Of course having the family together to share in special moments is an amazing experience and a great photo opportunity! But with all of the shopping, prepping, and of course still taking care of the little kids (and big kids lol), it can get quite overwhelming.

Here are some simple ways moms can keep calm and enjoy the holidays without feeling overwhelmed:

1. Ask For Help

While this may sound obvious, many mothers try to pretend they are "supermom" and don't want to ask for help. Just like hubby has his pride and does not want to ask for directions when he is lost or get help when he needs to put something together, mom's have their sense of pride to and try to pretend they can do it all.

You can't!

So ask for some help from the kids, your husband, relatives, or friends. The one thing that many moms fail to realize is that by asking for help, you are giving other people an opportunity to feel good about themselves. Some people (not all!) like to help and it makes them feel good.

2. Get Organized

Just like Santa, you need to make a list and check it twice! Rather than having all of the to-do's muddled up in your head making you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, write it all down and then prioritize them. Chunk them down by day so that you can get a visual of everything that needs to be done. Don't feel guilty if you need to scratch off some things from the list if you don't feel you can get to it. Stay focused on what is most important to you.

3. Take Time For Yourself

It's important that you re-charge your batteries. Whether you want to take a bath, read a book or some inspirational quotes, drink some tea, or just check out with some silence, make sure you set aside enough time so you can refresh yourself.

4. Remember To Breathe

Stress and anxiety comes from not breathing at a slow and natural pace. Whether you start breathing too fast or do what is called shallow breathing, you need to be mindful of your breath. This is why things like yoga and meditation are considered so helpful with stress and anxiety as it helps regulate your breathing. So be conscious of your breath. If you find your chest moving while you are breathing, this is a sign of shallow breathing. You want your breath to expand your diaphragm at a slow and natural pace.

Just remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about doing your best and enjoying the experience. Happy holidays everyone!

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