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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

How to Have a Less Stressful Road Trip This Holiday Season

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It's that most wonderful time of year again where you round up the family and take to the road to visit loved ones. Whether it'd be a 30-minute commute or a dreaded 15 hour or longer drive, being confined in a vehicle with one or more kids, even a pet, can be rather stressful at times.

Don't even get me started on teenagers. They're an entirely different kind of species. Yes. I went there! They are often morphing from a sweet, kind-hearted person then a minute later a moody and hungry individual needing just as much if not more snacks than a toddler.

Your mind races a million miles a minute from the fear of someone dropping food or spilling anything in liquid form, causing you to wonder if it is something that will set in, begin to stink or melt before you arrive at your final destination. The mess your adorable angels leave behind looks like a pinata exploded in the back seat. I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not!

If you have at least one member of your family that gets carsick, I know your frustration all too well! I can tell you from experience when one person throws up, the other passengers suffer! It's no fun driving with your windows down, going 65 mph, for 1300 miles while it's freezing out to avoid everyone else in the vehicle from tossing their cookies.

That's why I'm sharing some items that help to make traveling with your brood a little easier on you.

Boost Oxygen

I can not even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this product! I've been using Boost Oxygen for the past four years to help aid with head pain from migraine attacks, being light-headed, and nauseous. Over time my family and I found other helpful uses like for altitude sickness when skiing or helping to regulate breathing after jogging and other athletic activities. I recently found Boost helpful when my youngest feels a hint of carsickness creeping upon him. The second he feels like getting sick to his stomach, he'll take two puffs of the peppermint Boost Oxygen. Not only does this prove to be 90% effective in his case, but it also tames his anxiety that's often brought on by the fear of getting sick in the vehicle. It's so lightweight, which makes it so easy to always carry my Boost Oxygen in my purse and first aid kit. I've found this product on the shelves at National Sporting Goods and Pharmacy Stores (Dick's, Dunhams, Academy, Big 5 Sports, Cabellas, Scheels, Gander Outdoors, CVS, Walmart) which makes it easy to pick up a container during your travels.


Kid Resistant Protective Coating Fabric Treatment

Hands down, one of the best fabric treatment sprays I've found in a long time. I sprayed everything fabric in my vehicle that my kids and our dog comes into contact with. After the first treatment, one of my teens spilled his bright-colored sports drink in our SUV. Usually, I'd be in a panic, but I tested this product on a small patch of fabric to see how it would hold up against the water. The water didn't even soak in! My son's spill onto the car seat didn't soak in either. With that being said, You can also use this fabric treatment on clothing, and it is good up to 15 washes! What's even better is there are no harmful chemicals that make this product safe for your kids and pets.



I honestly couldn't tell you if toddlers or teens are worse when it comes to leaving wrappers or other discarded items in the vehicle. It's like I've spent the last 23 years picking up trash off of the floor and car seats. Oh, wait! I have! You add in our family pet, and you find yourself in need of disposing of trash almost daily. What I love best about Tossits is the durability of the bags. My teens cram them full of junk, and it has yet to bust through. I also like the fact that it comes with an adhesive strip making it easy to seal the bag closed. This has been great for those times one of my kids needs to remove an article of clothing needs washing after football practice. He just puts the item inside the bag, seals then throws it inside his athletic bag to wash as soon as we get home. My teens may not keep our SUV spotless, but we no longer have wrappers or cups all over the floor. For this mom, that a huge win!


One Kid Road Coat

Do you have a baby or toddler that needs to stay warm, but are worried they'll feel uncomfortable or even unsafe with a coat on while being buckled in for an extended period? I had that one kid who refused to leave any coat on in the vehicle that I bought for him for the first 7 years of his life. As frustrating as it was, I actually understood. I don't like to wear anything heavy or thick while I'm driving. But let me ask you this. Have you ever had to climb out of the driver's seat, jump into the back to wrestle with your child or worse stand outside of the vehicle while it's freezing trying to put their coat back on? It's no fun, and people are staring while questioning your parenting skills.

Now your toddler or child can have a coat that doesn't make them feel weighed down.

I am happy to share that my friend tested out the One Kid Road Coat on her one-year-old who is not at all fond of wearing coats. Not only did he not get upset with having to wear it while buckled into his car seat. He loves his new jacket! My friend is thrilled with the durability of One Kid Road Coat and highly recommends it to any parent with a small child that refuses to wear anything bulky.


Cryohelmet and Cryoscarf

I never go anywhere without either my Cryohelmet or Cryoscarf. My kids and I have used these products for almost five years. Although this product was initially marketed to aid in concussion recovery, it has proven to help with other health situations.

My teen has repeated success with lessening or eliminating head pain during his migraine attacks and keeping from overheating during or after football practice. I've found that it also helps when my kids are running a fever, experiencing lightheadedness or dizziness, have a sunburn, and it even reduced swelling from a bee sting.

What makes this a must-have product is that it has cold packs that freeze solid but remain flexible; you're able to wrap your head and neck and move around or sleep with it on you. The frozen gel packs can stay cold anywhere from 6-8 hours inside the insulated bag that comes with it.



Additional Items That Are a Must on Any Road Trip

  • First Aid Kit

  • Scissors - Multiple uses.

  • Hair ties or Sports headband - To keep hair out of puking kids face

  • Ear Plugs - For your car, sick kids.

  • Eye Mask - For your car, sick kids.

  • Disposable Gloves - In case you have to clean something up, you do not want to touch.

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Tissue

  • Wipes

  • Paper Towels

  • A Gallon of Water - Use to wash your hands or anything else if there are no nearby places to do so.

  • Bottled Water - To take medication.

  • Pedialyte - Helps to keep the sick person hydrated.

  • Fabreeze - Helps to eliminate all kinds of odors, especially when a kid gets sick all over the seats.

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