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How to FUTURE proof your kids from failing

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What if I told you that when I left high school coaching I actually had to "soften up" to coach adults because they were so emotionally soft? The kids were actually tougher than the adults were. When I would be honest or give tough feedback to a coaching client (that they were paying me for by the way) they would want to quit.

They were sensitive.

They were whiny.

They didn't have the fight they needed to push through to a much higher level of production.

They wanted "cotton candy" vs. "mastery."

A lot of the coaching we coach people on today should have been implanted in them early in their lives such as:

The concept of discipline: Seeing an idea through to it's conclusion whether you feel like it or not

The concept of bounce back: How to get up quickly from perceived defeat or rejection

The concept of energy: How to create high ordinances of energy and thinking to attract opportunity

The concept of follow up: How to go 7-15 times to make something happen (including a dream)

The concept of inter-dependance: How to work well with others to achieve something bigger together

The concept of mind expansion: How to think bigger and therefore seek to solve bigger problems in the world

The concept of self-confidence: How to build, maintain, and protect your greatest asset of confidence

The concept of talents: How to find your unique voice in life and therefore enter into vocations vs. occupations

This is what we coach successful adults on now in our coaching programs. The ones who "have a high degree of control of these concepts or mastery of these concepts" succeed the most in their respective talents.

What if we could start early in life and actually FUTURE PROOF our kids from failing later in life? Well I think we can.

I'm introducing The Greatness Factory for Kids, a unique online learning system complete with workbook through various lessons they need to be successful in a modern and competitive world. This interactive system can be used by schools, parents, day cares, and anyone interested in preparing their kids for a successful future.

If children don't get these necessary skills they will have a much harder time in the future of being successful. Who is coaching your kids matters.

Simply go to to learn more as I will be licensing this content to various schools and building out a Greatness Factory for Kids soon in multiple cities. We have upcoming camps and events and can enroll your child in our online academy if you're serious about preparing them for the future. One of my favorite sayings is this, "There comes a time when winter asks what you did all spring and summer." Will your kids be ready later in life?

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