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How to find Positive Screen Time for your Kids this Summer

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As a mom of 5, screen time is one of the hardest things to regulate as a parent. It can be difficult to find programming with meaningful content that can be trusted. Although screen time feels like a great way for mom or dad to get things done while the kids are distracted, it often comes with a price of guilt and the dreaded “zone out” from your children. This becomes an even bigger challenge in the summer when boredom takes over and kids want that extra tablet or phone time. Last year I discovered the GoNoodle App and realized screentime can be a positive experience. (You can read about my initial experience here) This year, GoNoodle has even more amazing content which I am super excited to share with my kids and keep them entertained throughout the summer.

GoNoodle App

What is GoNoodle?

GoNoodle provides videos that get kids up and moving through an app that encourages positive screen time. Instead of zoning out mindlessly in front of a screen, kids who use GoNoodle engage their minds and their bodies through experiences that are designed to energize or calm. GoNoodle usage also teaches kids that screen time can be a tool for learning betterment and new ways to move, inspiring them to incorporate motion and mindfulness into their day.

You can get started with GoNoodle FREE here.

A Wide Variety of Activities to suit your child's needs

The one thing I love the most about GoNoodle is that it has such a wide variety of activities that it helps engage my kids whether they are super hyper, stressed or just relaxing. My 5-year-old is a very energetic bundle of joy. Sometimes my daughter needs to burn off some energy, so we turn on the dance along activities or do a fitness activity.

gonoodle app

Other times, she just needed help calming down, so we turn on one of GoNoodle's flow activities. I am amazed by how much it helps calm her down. The GoNoodle App truly can engage your kids in just the way they need, whether to stimulate, calm, or energize.

Content You Can Trust

I think one of the biggest concerns about having your kids on their phones is what they might be exposed to. All of the GoNoodle content is Y-7 and is created by child development and education experts, so parents can trust that the content their kids are experiencing is safe and appropriate.

In fact, teachers all over the country use GoNoodle in their classroom!!

New this Summer... Super Fun How To Videos!

Between May 27 and August 15 kids will have a whole new way to GoNoodle with GoNoodle GoSummer. The summer content in GoNoodle GoSummer is designed for home use, giving kids a chance to keep their minds and bodies active while they’re out of school.

Each week, two new videos will be launched featuring “How To” content to let kids learn new tips, tricks, and crafts. My 11-year-old daughter is super excited as the videos include topics like slime making and card tricks.

go noodle how to videos

Right now you can try out the How to Make a Fortune Teller video as a sneak peek at the GoNoodle GoSummer content. Ella and I had a great time creating the paper fortune teller. It brought me back to when I was a kid making those fortune tellers with my friends and it was a fun activity that we could do together.

By introducing “How To” videos each week, kids will find new areas of interest and learn new skills. The short videos will be great boredom busters, as the new skills can ignite children’s interest and inspire them to practice their newly acquired talent. Varying types of content and complexity also means there will be something to appeal to the interests of every GoNoodler. Families can spend time together exploring GoNoodle GoSummer and find exciting ways to play, move, and relax as a family.

Unlocking a New GoNoodle Champ for the Classroom

As an added bonus, during the summer GoNoodlers will be challenged to achieve “15 Million Minutes of Movement and Mindfulness”. As they play GoNoodle videos, they will collectively earn minutes toward the 15 million minute challenge. When the 15 million collective minutes are achieved, a brand new GoNoodle Champ will be unlocked for students to use in GoNoodle when they go back to school in the fall.

Go Noodle App

If you’re not already familiar with GoNoodle Champs, they are a fun way to keep kids motivated to interact with the programming (kids see them while GoNoodling in the classroom, but not during home use). Once a child completes an activity, their progress meter fills up, and they will see their Champ grow. With their favorite GoNoodle Champs, kids will find new chances to learn and be active as they explore the app. The characters themselves prove to be great role models too, as kids learn alongside Champs like Nova SteamSteen, a character who loves science and math. The GoNoodle Champs come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities, letting everyone (even parents and teachers) find a Champ to identify with and love.

How to get started... It's FREE!

It’s both easy and free to get started with GoNoodle. Visit and click “Start GoNoodling”. The app is available to download for Android, iOS devices, Roku, and Apple TV. By putting GoNoodle on various screens in your home this summer, kids on summer break can learn that screen time doesn’t have to be passive. Instead of letting screen time be zone out time, exercise, mindfulness and even craft activities can be learned and practiced.

GoNoodle GoSummer will offer an active experience that can engage the whole family as they explore new and exciting topics and content. The GoNoodle Champs can also become a fun part of your child’s summer as they work their way toward unlocking a new Champ for everyone at school this fall. I would say my favorite aspect of GoNoodle is, not only does it give my kids fun activities to do, but it also is a valuable tool that is changing the way they interact with technology.

How do you GoNoodle??

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