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How to encourage self-motivation in your child

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From the moment a child is born, he is instinctively motivated to meet his needs. The child is curious by nature, wants to feel capable and do things of his own free will. The feeling of being able is constantly built and reinforced by the child doing things repeatedly until he feels he dominates them. But many rigid education systems end this innate motivation by imposing certain external rewards for learning. Therefore, as a father or mother, it is important to know how to encourage self-motivation in your child.

We must understand how motivation works and strive to foster it in children. Their curiosity helps them understand their world, technology, and how they should adapt to it, learn what they should do, how to do it and what helps them get ahead.

The brain releases dopamine when we have rewarding experiences; This happens, for example, when we expect something important to happen, we expect something to improve, move forward or for achievement to take place. It is right here when an individual begins to feel motivated.

Have realistic expectations

The personality and temperament of the child must be taken into account. It is important to help him become the best version of himself and not in whatever we want him to be. We must encourage him for what he is and appreciate what he can do, and not expect unrealistic things.

Increase confidence to encourage self-motivation in your child

We must give our child opportunities to feel good about him, especially to feel capable. Whenever a child's curiosity wakes up or tries to try something new or make a decision, we must respond by encouraging him, respecting his astonishment and supporting him with his emotion to know. The confidence in our children is essential for good motivation.

It is important to work hard

We must teach him things like not to give up easily, to follow when there is a setback and that promoting self-control is important. We will help you in your search to find what you can do well and we will encourage you in the most sincere way possible.

Help set goals

Having goals improves performance, concentration, and effort. So, we must teach him to create his own goals. Small goals work better, they can gradually push our child to seek and enjoy the challenges. At the same time, we will teach you that progress is the result of effort, perseverance, and determination.

Appreciate every little achievement to encourage self-motivation in your child

We will appreciate these little achievements of our son by sharing them with people who are important to him. These secure relationships will give our child the courage to explore and learn more about their world, and increase their understanding of how to function in their environment. When we express a compliment, it will always be sincere. Read More to encourage self motivation in your child.

Develop a growth mindset

We will develop this growth mindset by teaching our child that intelligence is not a fixed trait and that progress can be achieved with effort and practice, that learning can be achieved after some failure.

Finally, it is important to remember that, by encouraging self-motivation in your child, the child will learn important life skills, skills such as concentration, attention, problem-solving, self-control and planning and organization.

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