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How to distract your child from computer

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Sometimes, the Internet becomes a real danger to children. It happens that the little unintentionally be directed to a website containing images of violent, pornographic inappropriate to his age.
As a mother, you have to prevent these situations and be careful what information you expose to your child.


Try to find out what worries him, and how can help your computer and open an honest discussion about the Internet. Introduce its advantages and disadvantages.

Make it understand the risks involved in an encounter with a malicious person with whom he had previously more virtual discussions. Children must realize that, on the Internet, people try to look something else than what are in reality.

Many parents are complaining, lately, the fact that children spend more hours in front of the monitor away from other activities. Because it is better to control than ban, mind you some advices:

1. Use computer constructively. If the child wants to stay a few minutes at the PC and do not has a particular purpose, choose a practical activity. There are interactive CDs that aim to learn the children with some domestic activities.

2. Choose an alternative. When is possible, prefer another option. For example, if the baby has a certain theme and the prepared necessary documentation is on the computer, try to print on paper. If he stands in front of the monitor to see a movie, find a solution to go to the cinema.

3. Protect your data and limit access to the Internet. Opting for data protection software, antivirus and security software will not allow the small the access to certain sites, whose content is not appropriate for his age. In addition, with these programs, you always know in what sites sailed the little.

4. Explain your child why you consider that he should not visit certain Web sites and make him understand what to avoid. When you establish forbidden sites take in account the age he has.

5. Ask him to show you what he found on the Internet and impressed or shocked him. At the same time, encourage him to ask you to explain what he does not understand.

6. Make your baby understand that not everything he sees online is true or is a good model to follow.

7. Tell your child the issues about the disclosure of personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) to avoid being exploited by malicious people or his data be used for commercial purposes.

8. Advises him to use forums and chats that are supervised by a manager and without access than those that selected it.

9. Go to the little shopping and buy him some of his age-appropriate games that will develop creativity and will distract him from his computer.

Put the computer in a well lit room. You can choose a common room so you can watch the little. Make sure to have a comfortable chair with back and keep a balanced distance between eyes and screen.

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