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How to create a safe living environment for infants and toddlers

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Creating a safe and healthy living environment for small children can prove itself quite of a challenge for many parents. There are so many aspects that must be taken into account that many of us lose themselves in unimportant details, and lose from sight incredibly important ones. From the quality of the indoor air to the humidity levels in the child’s room and child-proofing sharp furniture corners, these are all aspects that shouldn’t be ignored by parents. But below is a list of more things that should be managed in order to assure a healthier and safer living environment for infants and toddlers.


Mold removal is crucial

Mold does not only make your home look less appealing, but it also has life-threatening effects on the health of little ones. Mould allergies are annoying, of course, but did you know that they also have a life-threatening potential, especially in infants and toddlers? Because mold allergies are oftentimes mistaken for a cold or hay fever, many parents treat their children with ineffective drugs, and most importantly, never remove the root of the issue. A good way to figure out if your home is mold infested, is having a mold removal Calgary company by and having them assess the situation of your premises. Also, if you notice that multiple members of your family are experiencing symptoms similar to the following, your house may be filled with it.


  • A runny nose;
  • A shortness of breathing;
  • A sore throat;
  • Sneezing;
  • Asthma complications;
  • Wheezing;
  • Shortness of breath.

If one or more members of your family experience such symptoms, investing in an assessment of your situation is the first step. Mold removal companies have all the necessary means to make a detailed analysis of your home and are able to develop effective removal strategies that will improve the situation. Keep in mind that infants exposed to such elements are more likely to develop more severe symptoms than adults, because their immune systems are weaker.

Invest in a nursery humidifier

These little gadgets are at the top of must-have items for nurseries because of some solid reasons: a moister air promotes a deeper sleep, a more moisturised skin and overall happier infant. In order to create a baby-friendly environment, you must invest in a quality product that will help you combat the harsh effects of the warmer temperature in the nursery. Many parents tend to overheat nurseries because this is where they change their babies’ diapers. A warmer temperature means, for them, fewer chances of catching a cold. This is true, but it also has negative effects on the babies’ sleep and skin. Luckily, a humidifier will help you create a healthier environment for your baby.


Only purchase toys that match your child’s abilities and age

Many parents forget that each age requires appropriate toys for children. This is how choking accidents occur, and this is why you should always pay attention to all specifications on the toys you purchase for your child. For instance, infants need toys in which they can chew, shake, that make appealing sounds and so on. Toddlers, on the other hands, need puzzle-style toys that boost their abilities and imagination. However, it would be hazardous to give an infant such toys. Always make sure to match your children’s toys with their age and abilities. While in infant’s case you cannot teach them yet how to use their toys, toddlers need certain explanations when they are introduced to new items. Show them how to use their new toys and what is their purpose. This will help them develop new skills and abilities.

Try a child-height view

If you have troubles with detecting dangerous elements in your home, try a child-height view. Lower your level so you reach a child’s levels and try to spot elements with a dangerous potential. Uncovered sockets, sharp furniture corners, and so on. If you see your house from a child’s viewpoint, you will definitely start seeing accidents happen. Luckily, you can prevent those by investing in child-proof corner covers for your furniture, as well as some handy child-proof socket covers.

Create appropriate spaces, depending on your child’s behaviour

An open space will encourage your child to run chaotically. Because of this reason, you want to make sure that you analyse their behaviour and adapt your design depending on it. If you notice that your child is a “wilder” one, make sure to arrange all shelves higher and anchor into your walls elements such as bookcases. Otherwise, unpleasant accidents may occur. Also, in the case of more energetic children, divide the existing space into playing and learning areas. This will diminish the space they have to run around and it will also prevent accidents.

Pay increased attention to the bath water’s temperature


Small children have incredibly sensitive skin and they sense temperature different than us. This is why they always complain about the bath water’s temperature, while we think that it is the perfect temperature. In our attempts to protect our children from catching a cold, many raise the water’s temperature and end up causing burns on their skin, of various severity. For instance, a bath of 140 F degrees is way hotter than the tolerance levels of a child’s skin. Try to measure the water’s temperature and adjust it to 120 F degrees. This is the ideal bathing temperature.

Watch out your windows

A continuously increasing number of children is reaching annually the Emergency room with injuries of various severities due to window falls. Needless to say, these accidents have a fatal potential. In order to prevent those from happening, you can invest in window guards. Have them installed on your windows, regardless of the level. These will definitely help you prevent a series of unpleasant accidents and save your child’s life, in worst-case scenarios.

These are some simple pieces of advice for parents with infants and toddlers. Because of their age and capabilities, they need increased attention. Make sure to create a safe living environment with these smart tips and tricks.

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