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How to celebrate Christmas with the Family?

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The celebration of a birthday is always the occasion of joy, of thanking God for the blessings received, and celebrating with loved ones. In a few days we will celebrate the birth of the Infant Jesus, the occasion to have these same dispositions and to gather as a family to celebrate. for more detail click here.

When we contemplate Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the manger, we find a model for every family: a small sanctuary where you receive and shelter who for love has become a little child, stop saving us.

Many times, however, the true meaning is lost among the thousand earrings we have, and the birth of the Child becomes a gift wrap.

It is important that we as Christians celebrate Christmas well, it is a central event of our faith. And what better way to do it as a family. That will be the best gift we can give to the Child Jesus. Here are some recommendations:

  • Live Advent as the sweet waiting time of Jesus, lighting the candles weekly, indicating that it is approaching.
  • Remember that Christmas is Jesus. Therefore, let's put the manger at home; and hopefully we do it as a family, encouraging each member to put St. Joseph, the Virgin, the little angels, the little animals, leaving the place for us to put the Infant Jesus on the 24th night.
  • Assemble the Christmas tree with ornaments and lights, to remember that Jesus is the 'Light of the World' who came to save us, and whose presence fills our lives with light.
  • On Christmas Eve try to attend with the family to the Mass of Gallo. That way he will not only celebrate Jesus but will be able to receive him in the Eucharist.
  • That same Christmas Eve, pray before the manger with your family and contemplate what is shown there: love, humility, simplicity, unity.
  • You can also take advantage to live Christmas with traditions such as inns or pastorelas. Children - and why not also adults - love to dress up and this can be a good occasion for it.
  • Gifts are an expression of the joy of Christmas. If we have them, let's enjoy them, but remember that they are not the core, because the most important thing is that Jesus comes to our hearts.
  • In this feast of God's love, no one should be excluded. Therefore, let us live solidarity. We can adopt a family that needs it, preparing a basket with basic food and gifts so they can celebrate a decent Christmas.
  • Another alternative is to participate in charities. For example, Centro San Juan Diego is collecting toys to deliver to poor children.
  • May the Christmas greetings reflect your true meaning. Therefore, let us always include the image of the birth of the Child Jesus.
  • It would be nice for both parents and children, to write a Christmas letter, showing the immense love in the family.
  • Something children love is birthday parties and what better than celebrating the birthday of the Nino Jesus. Prepare a cake dedicated to Jesus and sing the Mañanitas or Happy Birthday .
  • They can also sing carols gathered around the manger and that each member “lulls” in his arms the Infant Jesus.
  • After dinner and before opening the gifts put a tray next to the Baby Jesus, with the number of cards according to the number of guests. Each card contains quotes from the Gospel and one by one people will take a card. To the person who touches the little card that says: "I stay with you," the Baby Jesus takes home and stays with Him for a year. This will create a beautiful tradition, because every year, the dynamic will be repeated again.

There are many means we can put to celebrate Christmas well. But the most important thing is to have a well-disposed, open and grateful heart, to meet the Little Jesus Jesus who is born out of love, and who wants to put his abode in each one of us.

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