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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

How to become an extraordinary teacher for better student learning and development?

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The tag of being an extraordinary teacher is not that easy to accomplish. It needs extra level of efforts on the part of teacher in providing a better learning platform to students, and thereby in achieving great success in their teaching career. With increasing developments identified in the area of technology, it is important for the teachers to make use of sophisticated technology in providing good learning opportunity to students.


Simply delivering lectures in the class is not sufficient for the modern day teacher. They are required to adapt efficient approaches that allow students to learn positively and also achieve sufficient development of their knowledge and skills. However, level of pressure among the teacher is significantly higher then it becomes difficult for them to even cope up with the challenging and demanding environment. According to an article by Krystal Knafi on Huffington Post, it is evaluated that 40% of teachers leave the teaching profession within first twelve months after graduation. The reason behind majority of the teacher leaving the teaching profession is extra level of demands of the job and eventual burnout. This indicates that it requires significant level of effort, skills and abilities on the part of teacher, in order to become extraordinary in providing a good learning opportunity to students. Below are some of the features essential in order to become an extraordinary teacher:

  1. Respecting Students' Time: It is important for the teachers to respect the time of student. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as by way of coming to the class early, ending class on time, and preparing the lectures beforehand so that the student can be provided with ready accessibility to resources which can be utilised by them for their learning. It is also important not to provide long assignments in the class that accounts for significant consumption of time. This is because it will affect the learning opportunities available to other students in the class.
  2. Focus on long-term learning: The focus of teachers should be on achieving long term learning within the student. Teachers should emphasize on making the student understood about the concepts, so that it remains in the memory for a longer period of time. It is common tendency identify among teachers to makes the student learn with a short term purpose, and later, they forget the concepts learnt in the class. It is important to emphasize on long term learning by way of making it a permanent memory among the students.
  3. Grading with a Positive Intent: It is often seen that many teachers spend huge time and stress on grading. However the point of grading should always be on providing useful feedback to the student so that they can learn from their mistake, and improve their knowledge. It is not necessary to point out mistakes in detail; rather teachers should emphasise on providing positive and useful feedback and should not deduct points for trivial things.
  4. Engaging and Entertaining: It is important for the teachers to engage their students as much as possible, and also look towards entertain them while teaching important concepts. Student tends learn better in groups rather than in individual learning, and it is important for the teachers to make students engaged so that a positive level of learning can be achieved through peer learning. Student don't like boredom lectures by their teachers, and extraordinary teacher have the skill to include jokes and other similar activities that keeps on entertaining students, and also in ensuring their positive learning.
  5. Take Professional's Help for Enhancing Knowledge and Skills: It is also important for the teachers enhance their level of knowledge and learning from time to time. They are also required to upgrade their knowledge so that they can facilities up to date learning of concepts to their students. There are many online agencies that provide support to teachers and also to student. Online learning platform such as assignment help Australia provides good opportunity to teachers in upgrading their skills and abilities, and thereby facilitating a better learning opportunity and environment to students.

The above list is not exhaustive, and there can be significant other factors needed in order to become an extraordinary teacher. However, the above mentioned points are crucial for the teachers in order to become extraordinary teacher, and thereby in achieving better parenting to students.

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