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How Parents Can Start Their Own Addiction Recovery Program At Home

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Although recovering from addiction is not particularly an easy process to undertake, there are addiction recovery and wellness programs for drug abuse victims that are widely available now.

However, as a parent, you tend to put the blame on yourself for what happened which then leaves you to the next step and that is to do the best you could to help your child out from getting over this phase.

Soon as your child gets out from the rehabilitation centre, surely all you want to do is catch up and at the same time make sure that you help out with the maintenance, even if it means extending the treatment at home.

On this post, we’ll share helpful tips on how parents can start addiction recovery from within the family.

Educating every family member is crucial

If it is the family’s first time to deal with a family member undergoing addiction, it is important for each family member to be educated what addiction really is. Misconceptions have to be addressed and discussed to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Some compare addiction to a simple illness that, once a trip to the rehabilitation center is over and done with, things will suddenly fall into place and go back to normal. The whole family has to understand that this isn’t the case. In fact, it may even take a longer period of time before complete recovery is achieved.

Don’t go solo, bring members of the home to family therapy sessions

It is understandable that as a parent, you tend to blame yourself for what happened. But in reality, it is not. The thing is, you are not alone in this journey. You’ve got your spouse and other children to help you out and make things bearable when things start to take its toll on you. Always remember that this is not a battle for yourself alone.

Bring the whole family to therapy sessions to help rebuild trust between each family member and at the same time to impose responsibility on each member. In that way, you can free yourself up with some of the baggage that’s bringing you down. After all, the family has to work as a single unit in times of crisis like this.

Take the lead, parents should create safe environment to support speedy recovery

Being a parent gives you the authority to take the lead. Think of it as you being the captain of a ship. It is your sole decision if you will make the sail more or less troubled by waves. Creating a safe and secure environment is one crucial step in the road to recovery.

People who suffered from addiction and is currently on the recovery process still has a tendency to stay away from family gatherings. They usually feel that they are different from the norm, hence would rather isolate themselves, which is totally fine. As a parent, you should take the lead and show them that this isn’t the norm at home. Give them enough time and space to be on their own while making them feel that they’re accepted and will always be part of the family. Start organizing family activities like a picnic at the park, or stack up some board games and create a relaxing environment at home.

Always take care of your own health

With everything that is going on, juggling work, managing the household and taking care of the family, can become tedious and draining. Somewhere along the way, you might even feel that you’re losing grip. Should this feeling arise, try to address it as soon as you can.

They say that you cannot give love if there is no love to give. Same goes with your health - you won’t be able to take care and look after the family if you are not well yourself. So, before you even feel worn out; take a break. Go back to your regular yoga session, catch up with friends to unwind or do a bit of retail therapy. Anything that could destress you, do it.

This is when the help of your family is needed. Since you have done your part on educating each family member about what really is happening, surely they now understand the gravity of the issue and how important this recovery process is. They can now take your place for the meantime while you spend some time on your own.

Although it is inevitable for a parent to put the blame on themselves when a family member falls on addiction, still you have to brush that idea away because it is not completely true. And also, thinking about the past doesn’t help anymore at this stage. What matters most now is that you’re on your way to recovery and you are all working on it as a family.

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