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How Everything Changed After The Day She Walked Into My Life….

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As Whitney Houston summarizes it beautifully, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside”. I too believe children are a divine blessing in our lives who make us laugh, cry, caring, and feel proud. In the journey called parental life, they fill you up with emotions that cannot develop otherwise. This is exactly how my parental journey began when she walked into my life, and it never remained the same.


From a very young age, I was taught to be kind and compassionate for people who are not that much fortunate in their lives. People like Mother Teresa have left very deep impression on my mind for their utmost dedication to humanity and poor people. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I also wanted to do something for children who are needy. I spoke to my husband about what I felt, and an understanding spouse that he is, the decision of adoption came in.

I delightfully remember the sunny day three years back in 2015, my husband and I were looking at profiles and meeting kids in the foster care system. Trust me, it is heart-breaking scenario for anyone to see so many kids are out there who need families and love. This was the moment when I met my angel “Rachel”. The moment she walked over to me, I felt a gush of joy, happiness, love, and a little bit perturbation. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t know what to do, and I could tell she felt the same.

The adoption worker told us about what happened to her family, it was a heartbroken incident that sent Rachel to this foster care. He narrated what happened on one fateful day. Rachel’s parents were driving back home from Dallas when a massive truck hit their car and unfortunately, both of them got killed in the accident. As there was no one to look after Rachel afterwards, she was taken care of by this adoption centre. I developed a sense of instant connection and camaraderie in the very moment when I met her and decided not to leave her there. And the very next moment we brought her home. However, the thought of the demise of her biological parents was bothering me and I decided to meet an 18-wheeler accident lawyer. I asked this firm to look into the matter in detail and do everything possible to give justice to Rachel.

In the meantime, my relationship to this new person in my life was going from good to great. Since we adopted Rachel, we are now her parents and have been enjoying our every moment with her. One special thing that we noticed lately is she has been lucky for us. My husband runs a grocery store in the suburbs of Houston, and for some time, sales were on decline – a cause of worry for both of us. However, now his business has started to come back on the track. I personally take it as a sign of God doing us favour through Rachel. So, I really don’t have the answer to who is more thankful to the other– Rachel or Me?

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