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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

How do you follow your dreams?

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Great question! How do you follow your dreams? I’d say it’s pretty impossible unless you know what your dreams are. I know we all have dreams and we all have hopesfor ourselves and our children, but when do you actually feel like you’ve accomplished them? Do your kids know what you’re working for? Our kids watch us go to work every day, but do they know why? Are you living like Groundhog day or do we make it a point to show them what life is really about?

Our family creates a dream board. It’s our second year doing it and our kids absolutely love it! I had no idea what dreams a 2 year and 5-year-old boys would have, but I quickly found out when we started the project. Our 2016 goals included going to Hawaii, making a giant cookie, going to Legoland, sleeping with a lion, paying off some debt, holding a bird, and jumping on the trampoline with the entire family. We talked about our dreams and how that would make the family feel and then pasted them on a poster board. We saw that board everyday while we ate breakfast. Our kids would think of new things to put on it and think of ways to accomplish the dreams we had already put on there. It was a game changer for our family. I work from home full-time and my husband is a college football coach, so we’re working constantly. We explained to the kids that a lot of the dreams we had required some sort of financial exchange, so when we worked, it was helping us accomplish our dreams. It clicked with them. They understood that with hard work you can accomplish your dreams. We checked off over 90% of our dreams last year and what we didn’t get done, we added to the 2017 board.

When you talk about your dreams something powerful happens: You light a fire within yourself and excitement runs through your blood. You have something to look forward to with a goal in mind. Believe it or not, your kids have goals and you should help them believe that anything is possible. More importantly, YOU should have goals! Dream big, visualize your dream, and put a plan in place. Your family is worth it!


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