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How a sad dad can cope with postpartum depression

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When you read an article about postpartum depression, you expect to find more about what women experience during this period. But there are times when dads are the ones who suffer and in the majority of cases they do not know that they experience postpartum depression. As a man you expect your life to be different after the birth of your daughter or son, but you do not expect to face a sense of helplessness. You might have been the type of man who is more than happy to find that you expect a baby, and you might have not skipped any of the ultrasounds and doctor’s appointments. But if you consider that you are living a nightmare since the moment you brought your baby home, then you might suffer from postpartum depression. The majority of men are used to be always in control, but the changes that happen might terrify you. Here is what you should know about this health concern.

You as a couple face silent sadness

If your wife is depressed then the risk of you to suffer from this health issue is even greater. Studies show that if a partner suffers from postpartum depression, the chances the other to experience the same issue are quite high. Depression does not affect only you, it also affects your wife and baby, and there are cases when it can have devastating consequences. So, if you feel empty, anxious, and out of control you should look for a way to improve your state, before it has a negative impact on your health and lifestyle. One easy way to deal with it is to use Bruce Banner Strain or to share your story. You should not assume that you are the only one who is afraid to be a dad, because many men feel sad when they bring their baby home.

You experience changes in your behaviour

In many cases men and women experience postpartum depression in different ways. You might simply feel sadness, but there are also cases when men are angry, agitated and even irritated when they are home. Also, you may notice that you do not like the things you once loved, you are not interested in having intimate relations with your wife, you do not practice the activities you did in the past, and you may find happiness only if you drink alcohol, gamble or date with someone else than your partner. In the majority of cases men feel better after a few months of being a father, but it is advisable to look for professional help, and see a therapist regularly.

How to cope with postpartum depression?


Even celebrities face postpartum stress, so you are not the only one who suffers from this condition. The first thing you should do is to talk about it, and you can start by being open to your family. You should share your feelings with your wife, because it is easier to cope with this issue as a team. Also you should practice some activities that help you get rid of stress, as meditation yoga or sport. Last but not least you should ask for professional help, because a therapist can recommend you medication and can guide you through the process.

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