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Hosting a successful baby shower By Molly England

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The caliber of party hosting has catapulted since the invention of Pinterest. Like children’s birthday parties, baby showers are an opportunity for hosts to showcase their Pinterest inspired talent. However, the inherent nature of a successful party has not evolved; the pregnant mother and her guests' enjoyment is of the utmost importance. Here’s a list of seven vital components of a successful baby shower.

1. Location, Location, Location

Baby showers at home are perfectly lovely, as long as there's enough space to accommodate the guest list, and the area for the party is clutter-free. If the baby shower takes place at a restaurant for brunch, private rooms are preferable. Guests can "ooh" and "ahh" over mom’s glowing skin and growing belly, in a safely, secluded area. Bonus, the host has no clean up responsibilities and therefore can readily enjoy herself.

2. Games

This is the most controversial baby shower topic. A rule of thumb is to take the pregnant mom’s lead. If she’s into games then play away, just be sure “Cards Against Humanity” is not in the repertoire. Think more along the lines of personalized trivia about the mom, jeopardy is a surefire choice. Steer clear of games involving guessing size, weight, or anything involving measuring. Pregnant women can be sensitive, and this party is about having fun.

3. Gift

A large group gift is always a hit. Before the party, take donations to purchase that big ticket item the mom has been swooning over. Whether it’s a hospital grade breast pump or a 360-degree revolving car seat, she'll be smitten to receive the gift of her dreams.

4. Craft

Taking inspiration from Pinterest is inevitable, but it’s imperative that your craft activity be practiced prior to the party. It’s also great to have a sample of what your guests will be making. Keep it simple and minimally messy. Some of your guests may have craft aversions, so be sure that the skill level can be easily adapted to meet the creatively challenged.

*Tip – Decorated onesies are easy to make and are perfect party mementos for mom and baby.


5. Décor

If decorating a home, de-clutter the area and stick with a small color palate. Minimal decorations means minimal clean up, so choose a few bold decorations and leave it at that. If it’s in a restaurant or outside venue, take inspiration from the environment. If there’s great overhead lighting, draw the gaze upward with some bold Chinese lanterns. Mimic the foliage in the centerpieces. Have fun with it and keep things simple. The prettier the setting the fewer decorations you need.

*Tip – Small plants make great centerpieces and double as the perfect place to put a name setting. They're also adorable personalized party favors.



6. Booze

The guest of honor may not be able to imbibe, but that shouldn’t stop the rest of the group. If it’s brunch, simple mimosas with a fresh strawberry are the perfect touch. Don’t leave the mom high and dry; be sure she has her mocktail in a fun, frilly glass too.

7. Father's Cameo

It is tradition for the dad to make a guest appearance towards the end of the baby shower. Inform the dad of this expectation. Depending on how well versed he is in baby shower etiquette, he may need specific instructions to bring flowers, a card and give a brief speech, lauding his love for his wife and future baby.

Hosting a baby shower is an ambitious endeavor for devoted friends and family. This baby shower guide ticks all the boxes and won't tick off the mother, assuring a lifetime of friendship. The cherished baby shower memories will bring joy to the whole family for years to come.

In the comments section, please let us know what put a damper on your shower and what you loved.

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