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Homework Advice

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Homework Advice

As many students just completed their 2nd marking period in school, they may be researching new ways to better their study habits. At the end of each day, teachers will be assigning homework. These assignments will be very important because it helps the students to apply principles they have been taught in the classroom. It also assists in the development of critical thinking and original thoughts. More importantly, it develops accountability and responsibility. The Homework Toolbox will provide tips for parents to help their children complete assignments on time.

Encourage children to use a planner; to help with short and long term projects & assignments

The first thing that parents can do to help their child begin at successful school year is to plant the seed to begin using a planner.A student can use paper form, computer format or even an electronic notebook whatever they feel is the most comfortable for them to organize their homework, daily assignments, quizzes and tests. Parents may want to set down with there child to layout how the planner may work best for them by reviewing the course outline each teacher gives the student. This will allow the student to know what day’s homework is due and when quizzes/tests may be given each week.

A good tip for using a planner is to establish short and long term goals to organize the information. Students may want to map out the 1st marking period as well as the other marking periods to give a clear idea of any major projects that may be due throughout the school year. They also need to learn flexibility through this process in case unexpected assignments come up to allow sufficient amount of time to complete them. I also recommend students reward themselves after finishing homework such as watch a favorite show, read a book or take a walk.

Set up a time convenient for each of you

Students and Parents may want to set a time that works for everyone’s schedule. Some families get may gather after school and others feel more comfortable doing homework after dinner. Whatever time fits the best, it is important to make the most of this valuable meeting to get all assignments completed.

It also is important for parents to create an environment that leads to success such as providinga productive space to work, the necessary supplies(pencils, pens, computers), and storage bins to keep everything organized. At the beginnings of every homework session try to encourage students to complete all assignments and learn as much as possible.

Recommend binders, note cards to help with organization skills

Parents should encourage students to organize all there classes into binders. Then a student can use file folders that includes pockets/sleeves for each subject they are taking for the 9 weeks to everything together. It also is important for students to label the each folder by course. The folder can be used to separate class notes/power points, assignments and tests.

Another important tip for student to help with organizational skills is use note cards to help with study for any tests. Many students many be taking subjects that require a great deal of memorization such as history, chemistry or biology classes. Using note cards can be a fast and effective way to study vocabulary words, series of events or even dates. For example, a student can put the word on the front of the note card and the definition on the back.

Eliminate distractions such as phone calls and television during homework time

When a student begins to do homework assignments or prepare for a test, is it is vital for them eliminate all distractions from their study room. Sometimes for students sitting in a quite room is a challenge to accomplish because they love to text, play video games or even watch TV. Parents may want to ask other family members to respect homework time by limited phone calls or loud activities that could distract their children.

Parents also may want to make sure the study room is not close to a window or any outside distractions such a neighbor cutting the grass, playing loud music or even children playing games. Parents may come to realize that young children may need more supervision during homework time than older ones.

Structure time that helps establish effective time management skills

Parents can help their child gain good time management by establishing a routine with homework. Each day the student will come home from school with the expectation of completing their necessary assignments. These daily routines allow students to be successful in school as well as teaching practical skills they can use for the future.

Student should structure their study time on an organizational chart by prioritizing assignments by due dates. This will provide them the necessary skills to complete homework on time as well as helping to learn to handle multiple projects at one time. The most important thing parents can do to help their child is to reward them for good behavior because they are learning good time management skills as well as completing their assignments.

Good Luck the rest of the School Year!!!

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