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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Hold on to the young girl you used to be

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This directive is for mamas; those new to motherhood and those a bit or very well seasoned --


You know who I am talking about.

The young girl you used to be.

The one who was confident, carefree, and believed in herself.

The one who would never settle for anything less than what she wanted and deserved.

The one who not only valued others but prioritized herself as well.

The one who would almost carelessly put herself out there in the name of love, passion, drive, and her beliefs.

It is far too easy to get lost in motherland.

You enter this foreign territory with no map or tour guide, and it's only your strength and will and that heart and head of yours that will unconditionally co-travel this adventure with you, as you take the journey and enjoy the experience that is

growing as a person,

while growing next to a person,

while you try to grow little people into good big people.

When your main lifeline is yourself, you better be kind to her;

who she was


who she is becoming.

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