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Challenge: Share your mom lessons

Hey WORST MOM IN THE WORLD, this one is for you

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I make my kids eat their vegetables, but I also feed them McDonald's.

I make my kids do all "optional" assignments, but I also assign them plenty of breaks and fun.

I make a shiitake ton of rules that I regularly enforce, but I also know when to (and do) bend and break 'em.

I say no a whole heck of a lot, but I say yes when it counts.

I make my kids respect me, but I do it by way of respecting them.

Hear this, parents:

You can be a tough cookie and still fed them one once in a while.

You can run a tight ship and let the crazy crew take it on an adventure every now and again.

your house,
your car,
your schedule,
the kids -- it, you and them -- can all be a mess,
and you'll be still be doing fantastic.

You can be "THE WORST MOM IN THE WORLD” and really anything but.

And, well, I just thought that there might be a mama somewhere who needs to hear this today.

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