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Hey Mom, Say Cheese!

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Moms are usually behind the camera.

They are the ones capturing memories for photo albums, making sure the kids have documentation of the time they were thrilled to see that Santa could indeed make a yellow unicorn. Documenting first days of school, lost teeth, favorite t-shirts, or new haircuts. Moms are the ones getting a video clip of the first time the kids were on a scooter in case the Olympic broadcasting team needs evidence of young athletic prowess.

So mom isn’t often in the picture. If she is it is probably a selfie, or from the one time you got fancy and had your photos taken professionally. Or from a wedding when you all were dressed up and everyone’s taking a picture together and we’re going to be happy about it! SMILE!

But sometimes your kid grabs the camera and says “Mom, say cheese and crackers!” and captures two generations of moms together. It’s unposed, unplanned, and locks in a moment in time. What his photography skills lack in composition, they make up for in joy. (And in not breaking the camera.)

While I didn’t hop in front of the camera on purpose this holiday season, I’m glad my son was on it. Because this shot might end up in a photo album too, and I’ll remember the laughter instead of the dishes. I’ll remember being the goofy mom instead of the disciplinarian. I’ll remember how happy everyone was to be together that day.

And I’ll know that I was there too.

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