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Hey Dads, I See You

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Hey Dads,

I see you.

I see you in your yard, playing ball with your kids, sharing tips on how to improve their stance or catch that fly ball. I see you mowing the lawn, a child on one knee with a smile stretched across her face, as you go back and forth from one treeline to the other.

I see you at church, dropping your kids off in the nursery; hanging around a few extra minutes because they’re a little unsure of the new surroundings. I see you going right to the toys you know they’ll like, playing with them as they get comfortable, and then quietly moving away when you know the time is right.

I see you in the grocery store, doing the weekly shopping. I see you picking out fruit like a boss, grabbing ingredients for a week’s worth of healthy meals, and keeping the kids from going crazy, all at the same time.

I see you at work, putting in long, hard hours, even though you’d rather be home. I see you setting aside your wish list because you put the needs of your family before yourself without a second thought.

I see you at home, taking bath and bed duty because it’s second nature. I see you giving cuddles and telling stories and saying “I love you.


I see you doing things differently than your wife. And I see it driving her a little crazy, but it’s okay because you should be doing things differently than she does.

I see you ignoring the lie that society has been trying to feed us for years: That misguided idea that in order to elevate women, we must trample down men. The one that tells us dads are deadbeats or lazy or idiots or a little bit of all three.

I see you teaching your kids by example what it means to be a man. I see you being strong, humble, loving, and firm. I see you living with integrity and honor.

I see you. And just in case you haven’t been told, you are appreciated.

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