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Challenge: Moms Helping Moms

Here’s what mamas do best, even when everything sucks

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This is my Homeschool Mom uniform.


Three-day-old yoga pants (and hair).

Sassy shirt to get me through the day.

I am not in love with our current education situation.

Maybe I should call it a learning environment, a school choice, or even an academic privilege, but I feel compelled as a truth-teller to let you know those descriptions don't feel right.

Masks and mandates, social distancing and imposing opinions aside, we can all agree that Covid sucks. It is a pandemic no one was prepared for and has left our leaders, our helpers, our teachers, and our families with a lot of choices that seemed like deciding between the least of the evils instead of picking something that was an actual 'best fit'.

Do I return to work or stay home for safety?

Do we continue to socially distanced and risk our mental health?

Do we send our kids back to school or choose virtual, homeschool, hybrid...

The list goes on and on and none of it is getting easier, my friends.

Our family is one raising both a high-risk child as well as one with extra needs. Both behaviorally and mentally, our child's need just plain aren't getting met working from home and it is putting the mental health of him and the rest of our household in jeopardy.

As a parent and former public educator, my heart hurts for the admins trying to make decisions with safety in mind,

For the teachers who desperately want to meet the needs of their students,

And for the parents and caregivers who either aren't equipped to or are just too plain exhausted to make appropriate accomodations for their kids.

There is no simple answer.

This sucks.

We've given all we have to give and are still expected to keep pouring ourselves out, but here we are,

Out of time,

Out of patience,

Out of money,

Out of resources,

Out of ideas,

And just plain OVER. IT.

Friend, I don't have a solution or even a bandaid to slap over this gaping heart wound we are all carrying around right now.

I wish I did but, truthfully, I'm not even sure homemade guac or hot coffee can fix this and those are my typical go-to's.

I'm at a loss here, sister, and I have a feeling you are too.

So, let's do what mamas do best and cry into a towel (scream if it feels good), wipe our faces, pull up our yoga pants, and get back out there because if I know one thing, it's that no one--No. One.--will ever love, protect, and provide for our kids like we will, no matter what their individual needs demand and no matter how gaping a hole we are operating from.

When we can, let's offer a hand and a word of encouragement instead of the side-eye or passing judgment.

Let's safely assume that we are all carrying more that our arms were made for right now so if we've got a free one, use it to make a meal, give a hug, or hold a child, because, friend, this isn't easy for anyone.❤️


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