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Here's to the night, mothers

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Here's to the mother, who wakes up every two hours to feed her baby.

Here's to the mothers, who stay up half the night comforting her sick child.

Here's to the mother, who eases away bedtime fears and chases away bad dreams.

Here's to the mother, who sits by the crib, waiting for her baby to settle down.

Here's to the mother, who always has time for "just one more book."

Here's to the mother, who rocks her sobbing child in her arms.

Here's to the mother, who knows just what lullabies will calm her baby down.

Here's to the mother, who whispers, "I love you," knowing in her heart, her child can hear every word.

We are working moms, stay-at-home moms, student moms, military moms and more. Some of us breastfed our kids, others only used bottles. We are crunchy and organic, and we are fruit snacks and cartoons. We are tough love and we are extra hugs.

But, no matter how different we are, we all shine at night. Because nighttime is often when our strength as mothers is tested. Night is when we are called to do more than we can handle, but do it anyway.

Here's to the night, mothers.

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