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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

Here We Go Again!

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I was positive that after three, we were done having kids. At least that's what I thought. Life is good, it's crazy busy and we are thriving in the chaos of our daily lives. Definitely not original, but on New Years Eve, celebrating the chance to restart with a fresh year ahead and……….. ooooooops!

Could this be? Is that a positive?


Bobby and I were quite shocked for at least two weeks and then it sunk in! Cute little fingers and toes, baby clothes, a cute little one for my family of five to fuss over. And then I got really excited!

Then I got really scared.

Scared what people would think, how they would judge. Will they look at me like I am a Duggar and overpopulating the Earth? No one is going to throw me a shower or a sprinkle… Because this is a monsoon. In the midst of my scared feelings, a good friend turned to us and said, "That's amazing news, great people should have big families. And thank you Danielle & Bobby for bringing more awesome people into our world." That was exactly what I needed to hear. Then came my big exhale and I was mad at myself for any lingering doubt. IMG_6130 We sent silly text messages to our loved ones and they were hysterical laughing and couldn't believe this was happening AGAIN. Yes, I occasionally got the…..

"Better you than me," "Wow you are fertile," "Bobby's such a stud," "So awesome you already have a mini van," "Are you Catholic or Mormon?," "This is it... RIGHT?" "Wow, a 4th… that's a way to live."

I smiled with whatever anyone said. Truth is, I am excited! I have always wanted four kids, just really wasn't expecting it to happen. Not now at least. I had my three kids in my thirties and Bobby is now 39 and I just like to go by his age (wink wink).



So far so good. Things are looking good for me and this sweet life I am carrying. The baby is due in September and we have a lot going on with an upcoming move. We are no strangers to moving with five plus years in the United States Navy, but I am ready to plant some roots.

To some people having a big family is a blessing, to others they question the sanity. For me, I am thrilled to bring another descent, caring person into this world. Someone who is a cheerleader to the human race. I think it's an absolute blessing for sure! I get the chance to make the world a better place and it is my hope to make that contribution. We sure need more good people fighting for human rights and saving our planet.

This is going to be a very interesting journey for our family. Either way, it's exciting... it's more than exciting. It's Epic! There is never a dull moment being part of the Schaffer family!




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