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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Help for Sleep Deprived Parents

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As I was watching the Today Show this morning, it dawned on me that I could help so many parents as I do in my job everyday by sharing The Magic Sleepsuit with parents who seek advice on baby sleep. I spend my days talking with sleep deprived moms and dads who are going through the dreaded swaddle transition stage calling and praying that The Magic Sleepsuit is the answer to their prayers and for most parents it truly is a godsend.

The Magic Sleepsuit provides babies with the comfort they need by helping to muffle their twitches and startle-type movements that can wake them prematurely, and by keeping them cozy and secure making it easier to go to sleep on their own or fall back asleep if woken. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to help with baby's sleep patterns, but also gives the parents and/or caregivers peace of mind that their baby is getting adequate rest necessary for appropriate growth and development. The best part about this product is that is was designed by a Mom of 4 who is a pediatric physical therapist because her first born would only nap well in his stroller. Maureen experimented with ways to prolong the quality and duration of his sleep. It was then that the concept for the Magic Sleepsuit® was born. Maureen’s strong belief in the Magic Sleepsuit has driven her to want to share this product with other parents and caregivers. We work with many Sleep Consultants (Kim West-The Sleep Lady is our Sleep expert) who recommend the Magic Sleepsuit as their go to swaddle transition for their clients.

If you are a parent in the swaddle transition stage you should look into the Magic Sleepsuit, as many of our parents like to say---MAGIC Merlin suit indeed!!!!!

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