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Challenge: Life Changes

He let go

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My baby is so close to walking and it is the so bittersweet. You see, he’s the last baby in our home and he’s barely holding me by a pinky. On one hand, this milestone gives way to so many fun activities of all three of my boys together, but ready or not…

He will let go.

I remember the first time I watched my baby walk into Kindergarten. I didn’t think he was ready to be without me all day. I worried about kids being mean to him and wondered if he’d find his way to the bathroom alone. I didn’t want him to feel scared. We walked in to his first day hand in hand.

And then he let go.

He walked in confidently, and I realized it was ME that wasn’t ready to let go.

And all too soon…

They will let go as they transition to spending Friday nights with me, and crave friend time instead.
They will let go as I watch the car pull out of my driveway with my baby in the driver’s seat.
They will let go as they pack up their room and move on to life on their own.
They will let go as I watch my baby marry the love of his life.

I remember the ache in my chest as I realized motherhood is this way. I’ve signed up for a lifetime of letting go. When they are ready and long before I am. I have to sit on the sidelines and worry about the mistakes they might make. The hurt that might come their way. Knowing there’s only so much I can prepare them for or prevent. But, oh, watching them grow, and learn and thrive on their own is so rewarding too. It’s our goal to make them independent.

Even if it breaks a mama’s heart to let them go.

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