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Halloween Activities For Kids

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As a Celtic holiday that started thousands of years ago, Halloween has now evolved into a night of fun that kids and adults can enjoy together. If you want to ensure this year’s Halloween is a hit, now’s the time to think about planning some fun activities. Check out these suggestions for some inspiration; your little ones and their friends will have hours of spooky fun!

Ramp up the excitement with pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving may not be the most original activity, but it’s a popular one that won’t lose its appeal anytime soon. Before you start breaking out your tools, make sure you’re choosing the right pumpkin.

While buying a pumpkin in advance of the event, choose one that’s hard and firm. Run your hands around it to check for soft spots, as this is often a sign of rot. When rot kicks in, carving becomes difficult. To make carving a little easier, opt for one that’s generously sized. It leaves room for design error when your kids are in the throes of their fun, especially when they’re using crafty designs.

Make spooky slime together

Slime is surprisingly easy to make and it’s an appealing activity even amongst tweens. Once they have the basic ingredients and an area covered with a sheet that’s fit for messy activities, they can start going to town on the good stuff.

After making slime in its basic form, add in some of the colors your kids associate with Halloween. From orange and black to green and red, all it takes is a dash of food coloring to bring your slime to life. If they’re so inclined, they can still include glitter.

Once the colorful slime is in place, it’s time to make it spooky. Adding fake eyes, Dracula teeth, and wiggly worms will leave them feeling as though they’re staring at a Halloween potion. By letting their imaginations run wild, they have the chance to immerse themselves in the fun of the evening.

Introduce them to the world of Halloween baking

Halloween baking is ridiculously easy. All it takes is adding a few decorative embellishments to the items you would usually bake with your little ones. Whether it’s a zombie gingerbread man or a cupcake with a worm poking out of it, there are lots of gross-looking-yet-tasty treats to consider.

Much like pumpkin carving, Halloween baking is something you can do in advance of your party. That way, everyone gets to enjoy their creations when the night comes around. Alternatively, let your little ones hand them out to those who come knocking at your door expecting treats instead of tricks.

Enjoy active Halloween games like capture the ghost

As a scary twist on the classic game capture the flag, capture the ghost gives your kids the chance to get outdoors this Halloween. After wrapping them up warm and adding some skeletal glow-in-the-dark face paint, give them their flags and encourage them to catch one another.

Like the original game, whoever captures the most flags wins. To make sure their sense of Halloween spirit is flying high, try and think of an eerie prize that they can enjoy. You could fill a Halloween bucket with extra sweets, give them some super-tasty baked goods, or even create a series of outdoor games and encourage everyone to reach the top of the leaderboard.

With the right Halloween games, you can make sure your party is full of laughter and excitement. Always remember to supervise younger children during activities where there’s a risk of injury, such as pumpkin carving, spending time outdoors at night, and baking.

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