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Grappling With A World Where Preschoolers Perform Lockdown Drills

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I received an email with the subject “The ECC (Early Childhood Center) Hibernated Today.”

How cute, was my first thought when opening the email.

Then, it wasn’t so cute.

Hibernating was a lockdown drill.

But that’s the world we live in today.

So, our kids have to practice what they would do if a person entered the school and started shooting at them. Quite a mouthful when put so literally, huh?

My daughter hibernated at preschool today.

Since lockdown was made into a game, I could see her hiding under a table, pretending to sleep cozily like a bear. I could see her whispering to her friends and them whispering loudly back (because four-year-olds are terrible whisperers).

The teacher would shush her

because bears aren’t supposed to talk.

That’s why.

My daughter would nod and smile—because of course, bears don’t talk. That makes sense.

She wouldn’t know they’re practicing just in case someone comes in and starts shooting at people-- and she'd have to be so quiet, so they wouldn’t fire in her direction. That concept wouldn’t make sense to her.

It’s not in her realm, nor should it be-- ever.

But it has to be.

Just a reminder that changes need to be made with mental health and gun control.

Just a reminder that it’s brave to parent in this crazy world we live in.

My daughter hibernated at preschool today.

I’m happy they’re doing this drill and being safe—

but it will never stop breaking my heart.

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