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Give Your Child The Gift Of Memory

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Back in 2010 when I was still a teen, I regularly browsed blogging platforms and came across a mom blog called Dear Scarlet. The website was made by a young mom living in Oklahoma and she wrote regular blog posts as a tribute to her daughter, Scarlet.

Instead of the usual articles, photos, and other content directed towards parents or other readers, the content of the website is directed towards Scarlet. The blog itself was somewhat like a digital time capsule of memories, thoughts, photos, musings, and struggles that this new mom had for her daughter. On her blog for Scarlet, new mom Kait Payne says this:

This is a project to our daughter, Scarlet. We, your parents, are documenting your life. Our hope is that when you grow older you'll be able to look back and see how happy you have always made us.

I was rather intrigued at first. I get to observe how the life of this child unfolds and thought, "Wow, Scarlet will see this website someday and read all the blog posts about her, will see pictures she doesn't even remember, and get a glimpse of how her mom thought of her". In a way her mom gave her a gift of memory.

Memory, because as a baby and toddler, she will have no memories of what happened and as a child, she will only have vague flashbacks of them. There were even some memorable dialogues said by Scarlet that her mom wrote down. I guess she would have a quite a laugh when she sees them as a grown up.


Inspired by Scarlet’s website, I kept it in the back of my mind and took a mental note to dedicate a blog for my future child someday. Years passed and now I have a one year old little boy of my own. However, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I was thinking of a gift to give my child for his upcoming birthday that I remembered about the website that mom made for her child.

It had me thinking, ‘Should I start a similar project for my child in the hopes that someday he would read it? Would it even make a great present someday when he grows older?’

In the end, I decided, yes it would be worth it. It’s no different from another project except this one is more long-term. I won’t mind if the public sees such stories of our public life and it might even provide some parenting advice for others out there.

I see websites and blogs as a time capsule of happy memories and nothing is a better gift than the gift of nostalgia and thought. You can buy your children all the material gifts in the world but nothing compares of having a plethora of experiences and lessons he learned as a child. And I hope to preserve that through digital means.

I hope that someday, my child would look at those memories and see them as a lesson or as a guide for his future children.

These days, it has become so easy to chronicle memories with your children. Like now you can create a free website using a website builder where you can just starting writing your posts and uploading your photos immediately.

So should you give your child the gift of memory? Absolutely. Start writing for this project now.

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