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Get Through Quarantine with Virtual Moms' Night Out

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Well folks, it's day two of home schooling and being quarantined with my four boys. Considering my children got into a full blown, blood-flying-fist-fight in the car and the dog threw up on my shoes, I'd say I'm feeling the same way many moms are - a little cray-cray up in the head.

Throughout the past several days my friends and I have been texting up a storm, sharing funny memes about eLearning while also being pre-occupied with the frightening things on the news. Our generation is trying to manage educating our kids while also worrying about our parents and their welfare as COVID-19 continues to spread.

While chatting today, we all longed for a moms' night out, and then thought to ourselves, why the heck can't we have one?

If our kids can learn Algebra on the internet, why can't we curl up with our favorite varietal, comfy pair of sweatpants and rants about life in order to connect and vent?

Thanks to Zoom, we can.

The online meeting space, which I typically use for recording my podcast, has now become our virtual living room for airing grievances and laughing until our faces hurt - which we all need a dose of right now as people hoard toilet paper and spray their kids down with Lysol.

While introverts all over the world are jumping for joy being required to stay home, the extreme extrovert in me thrives on connection, through good times and the bad.

As we live in a world of unknowns right now, I find comfort in knowing my friends are a click away, and encourage other moms to connect as well. It gives us something to look forward to as the hamster wheel of quarantine has no end in sight.

Christie Cuthbert is the author of "Mom! I Farted in Church" One Type A Mama's Journey Learning to Laugh and Let Go. She's also host of the Laughing All the Way Podcast. To learn more, log onto

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