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Fun weekend activities for children and parents

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Winter or summer, you must definitely entertain and exhaust your children periodically. This way, you will offer them the necessary amount of daily activity and yourself the privilege of a better sleep. You know better than anybody that in order to have them sleep better at night is to fill their daily schedule with plenty of entertaining and soliciting activities. And some these activities must be educational at the same time. Below we have a short list of activities that both you and your children will definitely enjoy.

Pick your own…

If you live in a metropolis, then you definitely want to make your children more familiar with the sources of their food. Unfortunately, many children live under the false impression that the food on their plates comes from a supermarket. Because of this reason, identifying a farm nearby and taking your children to pick their own produce is a great idea to make them more aware and familiar with how they grow, develop, how do they reach the local supermarket and so on. You can pick from a variety of “pick your own…” farms, and even flower farms. This way you will get to educate your children in terms of food, food safety, and exhaust them at the same time.

Organize a pool party


In the summer, a great way to exhaust your children before their bedtime, is organizing a pool party. This way, you’ll let them have a great time with children their age and exercise a little in the generous sun. if you already have a large pool in your backyard, it would be a great idea to check with a pool equipment supplier, like 1st Direct Pools, and see what types of pool chemicals are the most appropriate and in what concentrations. This way you will be sure that the water in the pool will be safe to swim in and your children and other children attending your party are not getting infections from swimming into it. Also, you should consider investing in some pool inflatables, as they will keep all children safe and their joy at a peak. Definitely invest in some swimming safety aids, as there will be plenty of children attending your party. You could also ask some other parents to come by and supervise the party with you. Besides, you should think of what food and beverages you should prepare, in order to make those more appealing for children. Watermelon slushies are a perfect alternative to traditional ice-cream, a product that is high in artificial sweeteners. Also try to prepare the lemonade yourself, as you can easily control what type of sweeteners and their quantity go into your beverage. We recommend using honey, from certified bio resources.

Organize a camping night

Depending on the season, you could consider organizing a backyard weekend camping night. This way, you will get them to love the nature even more and many parents use this smart approach in order to help their children get rid of the fear of the dark. This is pretty common in children of a certain age, and many think that the exposure therapy may be the perfect form of therapy out there. Also, nothing can be more exciting for a child than camping in their own backyard. This will give them a novelty feeling, while maintaining the safety levels of sleeping indoors. The first step is building a fort in your backyard, or even installing a tent. Try to involve your children in this step, no matter how difficult it may seem, because this will create an even stronger bond between siblings, as well as between children and parents. After everything is all set up, you can start to explore the proximities. You may think that they are already familiar with their backyard, but this is the age of exploring and discovering new things. Small insects, plants, birds, they are all waiting to be discovered by your tiny treasures.


Take your children to a botanical garden

While for many adults this may be quite of a boring activity, it is a great way to expand your children’s horizons. You can choose from a variety of activities many botanical gardens are organizing, from self-guided tours, to reading circles and guided tours. We recommend opting for a guided tour, as the guide will be able to offer valuable pieces of information regarding the plants and flowers present there. And you may be surprised to find out, but plants also have interesting life cycles and things we can learn from them.

Plant a butterfly garden


Planting a butterfly garden means that you must select certain types of plants and flowers that seem to attract butterfly. This is yet another great occasion to teach your children something new about nature and admire your new creation afterwards. Visit a local flower greenhouse and ask them what plants are the most appropriate for this purpose. Butterflies are attracted to flowers with plenty of nectar because they feed on them and they lay eggs on them. The more specimens like these, the more butterflies you will have visiting your garden.

Go fishing with your children

When you have some spare time on your hands, it would be great to take them fishing. Another pleasurable activity which can be easily done. Pick a lake nearby and invest in age-appropriate fishing equipment for your child. This will open their appetite for such activities and they will end up spending time in nature willingly. This is a common issue with children nowadays: they are spending way too much time indoors, which is preventing them to develop in a healthy manner.

These are some of the most entertaining activities children and parents can do together during weekends. While these activities are more suitable for the warm seasons, these can be adapted to the cold ones as well. For instance, instead of camping outdoors, go camping indoors. You can proceed to adapt other activities from our list so they fit your particular case even better.

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