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Challenge: My Dad Hero

From a Working Wife to Her Heroic Husband, With Love

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This Father's Day, we will be on our way home from our first trip together since our kids were born.

There is great meaning in Father's Day for us. We were married 18 years ago on Father's Day, of course.

I'll be honest, my parents were worried about you. REALLY WORRIED. Especially, my dad, a.k.a., "The Feminist Dad."

Not only were you Catholic (not so pleasing to my Jewish parents), but you were a Republican, through-and-through.

They worried that I would give up my dreams for you.

I went to public school. You went to boarding school.

You stayed up late, and I went to bed early.

I studied my you-know-what off in college. You barely studied at all, and still ran circles around everyone.

But my parents didn't know how much you loved me and I loved you.

You taught me to love myself. You believed in me when NO ONE DID.

You taught me to "kill it" as a woman. Then you pushed me to really "kill it" as a working mom of three.

When I stepped away from my dream job, you worked extra hours to pay the bills.

Three years later when I told you that I couldn't imagine not working, you cheered me on even when I didn't think I could handle another day, another commute away from all of you.

I cried a lot. You listened. I told you it was impossible to have it all. And you said, "PROVE. THEM. WRONG."

You made lunches for all three kids every morning. You left work early so that I could work late. You told the kids that their mommy "rocked." And you made me believe that I "rocked" too.


On this Father's Day, I hope you know that YOU are rocking it most of all. Our two daughters believe they can be ANYTHING because of you. Our son thinks working moms are the BOMB.

After 23 years together, 18 years of marriage, 3 kids, and countless memories (with so many more to still look forward to), I realize I am finally doing what I always wanted. Being a working mom. Making a difference for our kids—and the kids I help get into college. Because of you.

Differences matter. Opposites attract. And love truly moves you to conquer all.

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