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Frequently-Asked Questions From Parents About Hiring a Tutor for Children

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When a new school year gets underway, it's perfectly reasonable to give your child's academic performance a little extra attention. If you're worried about your child falling behind, there are plenty of resources that can help. One-on-one tutoring is a wonderful way to help your kids develop stronger learning skills, make up for past deficiencies, or get a head start on advanced work. For many young people, a tutor becomes a tremendously important and beneficial influence. Picking out a tutor is not a decision to be made casually, though! Start by familiarizing yourself with the answers to some common tutoring questions:

Do My Children Really Need Tutoring?

In cases where a young student needs assistance to make up for an academic weakness, it can sometimes be hard to admit your child needs help. There's nothing shameful about recognizing areas where a child needs some extra tutoring and instruction! All of us have strengths and weaknesses, and you can only begin bolstering your child's weaknesses after you admit they exist. Additionally, tutoring can be about more than correcting educational shortfalls. Proper tutoring does more for your child than simply turning around failing grades. A good tutor can help equip your child with good learning habits and skills that will pay dividends throughout his or her academic career and even beyond.

What Exactly Can A Tutor Do For My Child?

Falling academic performance needs to be addressed because it can be the start of a downward spiral. Once a student feels overwhelmed, the increased stress and lack of confidence they experience when confronted with academic challenges will make it harder and harder for them to learn, and over time they can fall further and further behind. Tutoring is an excellent way to break this cycle. Besides making up specific deficiencies, a tutor can teach your student universal strategies for tackling academic obstacles and learning successfully. Guiding children out of uncertainty and teaching them to learn with confidence can be the first step on a lifelong journey toward excellence.

This is why good tutors offer your children more than just academic expertise in specific disciplines. They also have the insights and teaching skills necessary to cultivate universal learning skills that students can go on to apply to any subject. Tutors can even teach life lessons about the value of organization, discipline, and self-motivation.

Can Tutors Help With Learning Exceptionalities?

With modern diagnostic skills, more children than ever before find themselves challenged by learning exceptionalities like dyslexia, ADHD, and more. Not only are these conditions slowly shedding the stigma they once had, but students with exceptionalities have access to a wider range of teaching tools specifically designed to meet their needs than ever before. Parents, educators, and tutors can all help children chart a course to academic achievement regardless of the exceptionalities facing them.

If your own child has a learning exceptionality, you can find experienced tutors who have mastered educational strategies and specialized study skills tailored to fit the special needs of students with such issues. With properly trained and talented tutors, every student can not only survive but thrive in their academic endeavors.

How Much Of A Role Does A Tutor's Personality Play?

Tutors are not robots, and not every student-tutor pairing is equally beneficial. This is why we've developed a tutor matching system to line up individual students with the tutors who are best equipped to educate them in terms of temperament as well as educational talent. Students learn best with tutors who make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Collaboration is a vital part of the tutoring process, and tutors need to work closely and productively with parents and teachers as well as with students.

Heart counts for a great deal in tutoring. Delivering the right kind of academic assistance can absolutely transform a young person's life, and good tutors understand just how much of a difference they can make. Our tutors are experienced enough to know first-hand how good it feels to help students turn their academic situations around, and they're dedicated enough to approach each new student with a firm desire to reach their full potential.

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