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For the Stay-At-Home Parents Feeling the Pressure of the Next Thing

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This one is for all of you stay-at-home parents who have felt the pressure of the next thing.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Your kids are growing older and you want to contribute to your family and you are trying to figure out what that looks like and what that means.

Maybe you are feeling the financial pressure.
Maybe you are feeling the pressure of not having a career.
Maybe you are feeling the pressure of the looming question - So, what’s next?

Maybe you’ve looked at job openings and descriptions and you think of all the skills you’ve acquired over the years at home, but aren’t sure how that translates to the job requirements listed.

Must have three plus years experience in field. Or something of that nature.

But what about all of time management and organization and financial budgeting and round the clock care of others and on and on......

How does that translate?

And maybe in the back of your mind you wonder if you should have been building a career and maybe you wonder what you have to show for your years and maybe you are stuck in the place of -What now?

And if that’s you, I want you to know - I relate. I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

But here’s the thing - you don’t need to figure it all out right now.
Give yourself time.
Give yourself space.

You don’t have to know what the next thing is. And that’s okay.

And, my friend, what you have done - and what you are doing - does matter.

You may not have built your career.
You may have had to sacrifice financially.
You may not have a fancy title.
Your skills may not translate to job openings, but you have gained so much.

You do have something to show for the years.

You have your memories.

To all of the stay-at-home parents who have felt the pressure of the next thing, take some time to breathe. Just because your kids have gone to school doesn’t mean you have to rush off and do something- because there is always plenty to be done.


You may not receive a paycheck.
And you may not know about the next thing.

But I hope you always know, regardless of how old your children are or how your role in the home has changed -
what you do matters.

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