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​For the moms who don’t sit

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For the moms who don’t sit:

It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.

No really, it’s me.

You see, often times, my youngest kid will ask me to sit with her.

It’s not a big ask.

But I rarely say yes.

I’m never chomping at the bit to park my middle-aged carcass next to her sweet soul because for some deranged reason I’ve convinced myself that sitting, in any form, is a sign of weakness as a mom, and I can’t let such be seen.

I can let people think I have the time to just sit.

I can let people think I’m lazy.

I can’t cuddle you there’s laundry to be done, clutter to be removed, things to be picked up and the like.

I can’t model for you the importance of rest and pauses because then…wait…what?? Then maybe you’d turn into a better human than I — one who actually “gets it” and understands that life isn’t just about the hustle and bustle, it’s about the precious, never to come again moments in between.

Our children, they get it.

And they’re trying to let us in on the secret.

The secret to true happiness which is that it lies in that often uncomfortable, seemingly inactive space.

In the quiet.

On the couch next to someone you love.

It’s crazy how us moms think that the more we do, the more we are.

But the truth is, because of who we are already are, we can do less and still be so much more than we realize.

This time with my kids while they are actually kids isn’t gonna last forever. But if I stop more, if I say yes more, if I rest more and do it in their company, the love and connection that can come out of those moments will last forever.

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