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For Parents to Heal Their Children, They Must First Heal Themselves By Embracing the Power of Their ‘Infinite Truth’, Says Children’s Author Sarah Vie

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Our children’s trauma stems from three-generations of ancestral trauma and pain, children’s book author Sarah Vie says in her newest book.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Vie | Credit: Hannah Duncan

Outside of fear, there is nothing. Six words that have resonated with me after having a conversation with children’s author, energy and emotional healing coach and meditation guide Sarah Vie about her newest book.

As I am currently writing my own children’s book, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching various children’s books on the market which address mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and the unfolding events surrounding systemic racism and police brutality.

I came across Vie’s work, who recently released her newest children’s book, “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The Little Girl who Never Stopped Believing in Herself,” who was kind enough to respond to me when I reached out to her.

In a one-hour conversation, Vie, also a mother to four children, told me the biggest barrier to entry she has seen not just as a children’s author, but as an energy healthier and mediation guide and embodiment mentor, is “fear” itself.

Generations of Ancestral Trauma and Pain

The mediation guide and embodiment mentor supports children and her adult clients to heal their hearts through the power of what she calls their “infinite truth.” Energy healing is a field that requires trust, which isn’t easily given, Vie says. The source of most children’s trauma, I learned, comes from what Vie describes as three generations of ancestral trauma and pain, which children are holding onto energetically.

“And this is what we as little children are growing into, and not knowing. At the same time, our parents aren’t really aware that this is happening either. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s even more trauma , pain, and healing that these little kids need to sort out.”

And Vie isn’t wrong. Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve since moved out of a state, after eight (8) years, moving to Austin, Texas, meeting the love of my life, and then with her help and support, discovering 13-years worth of PTSD, trauma, and a need to address my own baggage.

Indeed, after one-year, I have found myself in trauma therapy, undergoing EMDR, a form of psychotherapy, also known as eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing. Common to an individual undergoing EMDR treatment, is being asked to recall distressing images by means of side-to-side eye rapid movement or hand-tapping. Hand-tapping seems to work best for me.

Fear is Only What We Perceive It To Be In Our Mind...

As Vie reiterated, fear is only what we perceive in our mind, and when it comes to reinventing ourselves, it seems to be a horror show. Trust is everything, and by putting ourselves out there, for our children, for our clients, for the world, that energy is seen and often reciprocated in the form of trust and sharing personal experiences.

“We have to wonder what’s happening to our children? We don’t realize that this pain can be held onto for years and years,” Vie says, referring to the idea of growing up in a world watching parents and adults walking around wearing masks every day. “But then, we carry on thinking everything is fine as we return to some semblance of normalcy, such as eating at restaurants again, but in reality, we are holding onto this trauma, and it may not reappear until we are much older.”

In Vie’s new book, it’s about a character, who is six-years-old, representing everything you and I wish we had known as a child. You know that feeling of wishing you knew as a child, what you know now? Vie’s feeling was to always trust herself to get her through any solution, regardless of the difficulty. “I wish I had known to not believe in the limitations of our world; in that pain I was holding onto energetically.”

This book is a beautiful representation of Vie’s “circle of life,” that every parent needs to revisit in their own journey inwards. “The majority of our populations are living through somebody else’s fear and beliefs, which is why we feel that ‘conflict’ and resistance,” she continued, adding that it’s “because we’re not living our own life, but somebody else’s.”

It’s important that now, more than ever, we recognize that we don’t have an unfulfilled life; that our children and the next generation healing themselves is a priority, but to do so, we need to understand the life we are trying to live.

Regardless of how old you are, Vie’s book is certainly one to turn your eyes to, and sit down with your child to read this together. It has certainly helped me in my EMDR journey and battle against 13-years worth of trauma, emotional abuse, and a deadly car accident that somehow left me walking after being hit by a school bus.

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