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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Flying with Small Children. MISSION: POSSIBLE!

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My family and I left one year ago to embark on a round-the-world adventure! We have three small children (ages 8, 6, and 2). The number of flights we've taken are off the charts and we got this thing down!

My Survival List when Flying with Children:

iPads (aka LIFESAVORS)

My husband and I limit their time on the iPads at home, but while on a plane, our kids can play as long as their hearts desire. Put a couple of their favorite movies on there along with some fun new apps. Some flights offer wifi, so that can be a bonus!


This should be a no-brainer. If you don’t have some packed, buy some. Even adults get grouchy when they’re hungry. Besides, when their mouths are full, they won’t be talking or screaming. I let my kids snack the entire time if they want to.

Life is good with Mickey and a lollipop!

New Toys

Sometimes, I’ll make a trip to the dollar store before long flights to purchase 2-3 new toys. If you don’t have an iPad or they’re forced to share the iPad, I recommend doing this. Don’t let them play with the toys until you take off. Give them one at a time, so they don’t get bored with the toys all at once. Steer away from toys with little pieces that will fall on the floor. You’re already guaranteed to spend half the flight picking crap off the floor as it is.

New Toys!

Protect the Ears

When flying with children, the pressure changes can be hard on their little ears, especially if the kiddo is suffering from any congestion. Here are some things you can give them while you’re ascending and descending to help their ears “pop”: sippy cups, hard candies and/or lollipops, binkies, and gum have been my tricks. If I have a congested kid that I’m worried about, I will even give them a little dose of children’s ibuprofen before the flight just in case. - See more at:

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